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Lot price lowers in Wayland

By Trisha Phelps | Jan 22, 2014

WAYLAND — Even though it was a quick meeting, the Wayland City Council accomplished quite a bit during their second meeting of the month.
Under new business, the council agreed to lower the price of lots four and five in the North Plains housing district, in attempt to encourage people to purchase the lots.
“If somebody comes to look at the lot and they think they are too high priced at $18,000, we can shove them over here to something lower priced,” said Wayland Mayor Brad Roth. “We could just tell people they can make an offer on it.”
Having interested buyers make an offer instead of setting a price at the council meeting received a lot of support from the council.
“That is a great idea,” said Council member Melinda Ullery. “Have them make an offer, because if we start there, then at least we know that people are thinking and interested in purchasing.”
The council also discussed hiring a third utility worker, so that when Barry Leichty and Randy Morrow retire the city would be somewhat prepared.
If the council hired a third utility worker, then that would affect the city’s budget and city clerk Bev Conrad was hoping to get a budget workshop date set so she could get some answers.
“There are just so many unanswered questions,” said Conrad. “I just need you guys to figure out what we are going to do. If we are going to have a third guy, then there are questions about that.
“We would have to pay them, buy a third vehicle, things like that. If I can get answers to that, then I can figure out the rest and get it all done by February,” Conrad continued.
While it is no question that Leichty and Morrow work hard for the city, some council members wondered if the city works them too hard.
“Just how stressed are they? When you work all the time and don’t get to take a day off if gets pretty rough,” said Ullery.
“They are pretty hard-pressed to take any time off, and that can be hard on anyone,” answered Conrad.
“You also have to think about age,” noted Roth, pointing out that someday the duo may think of retiring. “Someday a replacement is what we will be looking at. They are both about the same age and we may not find the right guy for four or five years.”
Scott Shumaker, city council member, pointed out that even when a third person is found, it could take several years for that person to learn the ropes.
“Training alone could take five years,” Shumaker said.
“This is all just a thought, but I really feel that we cant put this off much longer,” Roth said.
The council also:
• Approved a tax abatement application for Kevin Fort (Fort abstained from voting) at the 700 block of North Parkway.
• Approved fiscal year budget amendment for publication and set the public hearing date for Feb. 5, at 7:30 p.m.
The next city council meeting will be Feb. 5, at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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