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Lunch Menus

Feb 27, 2014

For March 3-7

Washington Community High School

Monday: Vegetable bar (served daily), chicken spinach Alfredo, carrot raisin salad, strawberry applesauce, fresh garlic bread. Tuesday: Sloppy joe on a WG bun or breaded chicken sandwich, oven-baked fries, baby carrots w/hummus, fresh fruit cup. Wednesday: Grilled cheese, WG tortilla chips w/salsa, refried beans, fresh apple. Thursday: Mr. Rib sandwich on a WG bun or hot dog on WG bun, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, diced pears. Friday: Baked cod fillet or baked ham, seasoned rice, marinated fresh vegetable salad, strawberries, WG bread w/jelly.

St. James Elementary

Monday: Sloppy joe sliders, pickle slices, baked beans, applesauce. Tuesday: Barbecued rib sandwich, seasoned peas & carrots, sliced peaches. Wednesday: Fish & “chips” (fries), green beans, strawberries & bananas, honey grahams. Thursday: French toast w/syrup, yogurt cup, mandarin oranges. Friday: Veggie cheese soup, peanut butter sandwich, fresh broccoli, mixed fruit.


Monday: Chicken fajita (or cold entrée, offered daily), corn, applesauce. Tuesday: Texas mountain, broccoli, pickled beets, peaches. Wednesday: Tomato soup, crackers, breaded cheese sticks, veggie sticks, pears. Thursday: Chicken patty on bun, coleslaw, baked beans, strawberry shortcake. Friday: Cheese pizza, corn, applesauce.


Monday (Honoring Dr. Seuss Week): Veggie bar (provided daily, MS, HS), fresh fruit bowl (served daily, HS), B Is for Breaded Chicken Patty, WG hamburger bun, Carrots 1 Ranch 2, cauliflower & cheese sauce, chilled applesauce. Tuesday: Ham & potato au gratin, Horton Hatches the Roll/Butter, G is for Green Beans, Horton Pears a Who, Chips Ahoy cookie (HS). Wednesday: Tuna sandwich, nachos & cheese, Vegetables All Mixed Up, Ten Grapes Up On Top, strawberry yogurt (HS). Thursday: Green Eggs & Ham (A-R), creamed turkey (MS, HS), angel biscuit & butter, steamed peas, steamed corn, mandarin oranges, 1 Fish 2 Fish. Friday: Cheese pizza, spinach & romaine salad, ranch/french salad dressing, chunky pineapple, Horton & Friends crackers.

Iowa Mennonite School

Monday: Chicken fajita, lettuce/cheese, rice & beans, red pepper strips, pear, applesauce cake. Tuesday: Pepperoni pizza bagel, mixed greens salad, fresh cauliflower w/ranch, apple slices. Wednesday: Breaded fish sandwich, baked sweet potato, steamed corn, kiwi fruit. Thursday: Sloppy joe on WW bun, Sun chips, green beans, cherry tomatoes, banana. Friday: White chicken chili, fresh baby carrots, cucumber w/ranch, peaches, blueberry muffin.


Monday: Chef salad (offered daily, HS), hot dog or chili dog/WG bun, baked beans, baby carrots, applesauce. Tuesday: WG stuffed-crust cheese pizza, corn, cucumber slices, mandarin oranges. Wednesday: Chicken fajita/WG wrap, lettuce mix, grape tomatoes, fruit cocktail. Thursday: Hamburger/WG bun, potato wedges, green beans, apricots. Friday: Lasagna, spinach salad, WW bread stick, Fresh cauliflower, pears.

Senior Dining


Monday: Pork cutlet/onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli, wheat bread, strawberries. Tuesday: Ground beef/gravy, mashed potatoes, lima beans, wheat bread, surprise salad. Wednesday: Baked fish, baked potato, peas & carrots, wheat bread, peaches. Thursday: Meatloaf, baby red potatoes, broccoli Normandy, wheat bread, fresh fruit. Friday: Crispy chicken, oven-browned potatoes, stewed tomatoes, apricots, pudding.

Wellman – Goodwin Senior Dining

Monday: Sweet & sour meatballs, rice, kale, strawberries/bananas, lemon cheesecake. Tuesday: Chicken noodle casserole, peas, spinach salad, fruit. Wednesday: Beef luncheon, mashed potatoes/gravy, Brussels sprouts, strawberry peach Jell-O. Thursday: Ham & beans, cornbread, tropical fruit, cookie. Friday: Chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, fruit medley, ice cream.

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