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Lunch Menus

Apr 24, 2014

For April 28 to May 2

Washington High School

Monday: Vegetable bar (served daily), cheeseburger on a WG bun, WG corn chips, fresh grapes. Tuesday: Pepperoni Crispitos w/marinara sauce, Greek salad, steamed corn, strawberries & banana. Wednesday: Baked chicken drumstick, cheesy potatoes, marinated fresh vegetable salad, fresh pear, fresh WG garlic bread. Thursday: Menu not available. Friday: Not available.

St. James Elementary

Monday: Chicken tenders, baked beans, mandarin oranges, banana bar. Tuesday: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad w/romaine, sliced peaches, garlic breadstick. Wednesday: Fifth-grade Build a Healthy Lunch Challenge (Aurora) — Pork riblets, french fries, fresh apple, peas. Thursday: Menu not available. Friday: Not available.


Monday: Corn dog, or cold entrée (offered daily), black bean & corn salsa, chips, strawberry shortcake. Tuesday: Breakfast for lunch, orange juice, tomato juice. Wednesday: Texas mountain, peaches. Thursday: Chicken fajita, corn, applesauce. Friday: Hot ham & cheese, chips, veggie boat, warm apple slices, ice cream.


Monday: Veggie bar (provided daily, MS, HS), fresh fruit bar (served daily, HS), chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes & cheese sauce, steamed corn, orange slices, bread & butter (HS). Tuesday: Chili & crackers, cheese (HS), cinnamon roll, celery & carrot sticks/ranch, smooth applesauce, banana. Wednesday: Chicken fajita/WG wrap, lettuce & pepper slices, fiesta salsa & WG chips, fruit salad, Oreo cookies (HS), shredded cheese (HS). Thursday: Turkey tetrazzini, homemade WG roll & butter, steamed peas, mandarin oranges, lettuce & ranch. Friday: Sloppy joe, WG hamburger bun, steamed broccoli, crisp apples, fruit roll-up.

Iowa Mennonite School

Monday: Ham, eggs & cheese on WG bagel, Tri-Tater, green beans, fresh strawberries. Tuesday: Greek grilled chicken salad, WW bread/butter, savory rice, apple slices w/fruit dip. Wednesday: Barbecued pork on WG bun, roasted vegetables, steamed broccoli, banana. Thursday: Menu not available. Friday: Not available.


Monday: Hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes & gravy, steamed broccoli, strawberries & bananas. Tuesday: Deli sandwich, black bean & corn salsa, WG tortilla chips, baby carrots w/ranch, watermelon. Wednesday: Baked chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans, cinnamon roll, apple slices. Thursday: Menu not available. Friday: Not available.


Monday: Chef salad (offered daily, HS), breaded chicken/WG bun, sweet potato variety, fresh broccoli, peaches. Tuesday: Spaghetti, corn, peppers, breadstick, pink applesauce. Wednesday: Breaded pork, mashed potatoes/country gravy, green beans, pears. Thursday: Mini corn dogs, baked beans, coleslaw, grapes. Friday: Beef stew, peas, WW bread, fresh cauliflower, brownie, applesauce.

Senior Dining

Washington — WCY

Monday: Salisbury steak/gravy, O’Brien potatoes, California medley, wheat bread, fruit cup. Tuesday: Baked pasta meatballs, wheat bread, lettuce salad, gelatin fruited. Wednesday: Roast beef, mashed potatoes/gravy, peas & carrots, wheat bread, strawberries. Thursday: Menu not available. Friday: Not available.

Wellman — Goodwin Senior Center

Monday: Menu not available. Tuesday: Not available. Wednesday: Not available. Thursday: Swedish meatballs, noodles, spinach, fruit, sherbet. Friday: Salisbury steak, O’Brien potatoes, scalloped cabbage, fruit.


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