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Lunch Menus

Feb 20, 2013

For Feb. 25 to March 1, 2013

Washington Community High School

Monday: Vegetable bar (served daily) or barbecued beef on a bun, potato wedges, seasoned peas, fresh orange, applesauce, Rice Krispie bar. Tuesday: Chicken wrap or ham & cheese on a bun, whole-grain corn chips, black bean salad, steamed mixed vegetables, fresh fruit cup, pineapple tidbits, honey apple crisp. Wednesday: Spaghetti, steamed carrots, fresh grapes, strawberries, whole-wheat bread w/jelly. Thursday: Baked ham or chicken fried steak, two-potato mash, steamed corn, fresh apple, mandarin oranges, fresh WG garlic bread. Friday: Menu not available.

St. James

Monday: Chicken nuggets, fresh broccoli, peaches, wheat roll. Tuesday: Flatbread breakfast pizza, oven hash browns, bananas & pineapple. Wednesday: Soft chicken tacos w/salsa, refried beans, melon slices. Thursday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, diced carrots, pears, wheat bread & jelly. Friday: Menu not available.


Monday: Pork patty on bun, or cold entrée (offered daily, grades 4-12), cucumber slices, jicama sticks, kiwi, cookie. Tuesday: Walking taco, lettuce & cheese, refried beans, Spanish rice, applesauce. Wednesday: Beefy, cheesy nachos, romaine lettuce, corn, fruit cup. Thursday: Hot dog on bun, Tater Tots, banana. Friday: Individual cheese pizza, tossed salad w/tomato slices, cherry crisp.


(Honoring Dr. Seuss Week)

Monday: Veggie bar (MS, HS) & fresh fruit bowl (HS) served daily, B is for Breaded chicken patty, WG hamburger bun, Carrots 1 & Broccoli 2, ranch dressing, diced squash, chilled applesauce. Tuesday: Ham & potato au gratin, Horton Hatches the roll/butter, G is for Green Beans, Horton Pears a Who!, Chips Ahoy cookie (HS). Wednesday: Hop on Pop-corn chicken, romaine & spinach salad/dressing, refried beans, WG tortilla chips, 10 Grapes Up On Top, strawberry yogurt (HS). Thursday: R — Green Eggs & Ham, creamed turkey, angel biscuit, steamed peas, crisp carrots, kiwi, mandarin oranges, 1 Fish 2 Fish. Friday: Grilled cheese sandwich, steamed corn, grape tomatoes, pineapple chunks, I can Eat Jello with My eyes Shut.

Iowa Mennonite School

Monday: No school. Tuesday: Turkey burger on WG bun, tomatoes/romaine lettuce, steamed carrots, Sun chips, baked beans, apple. Wednesday: Spaghetti, peas, garden spinach salad, garlic toast, orange. Thursday: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes/gravy, steamed broccoli, WG roll w/jelly, banana. Friday: Breaded pork steak on WG bun, sweet potato puffs, green beans, pear.


Monday: Chicken gravy on a WG biscuit, green beans, radishes & ranch, apple juice cup, triple berry buckle. Tuesday: Cheeseburger on a WG bun, lettuce & tomato slice, curly fries, Moroccan carrot salad, strawberries. Wednesday: Hot ham & cheese on a WG bagel, cheesy potatoes, tomato basil mozzarella salad, orange wedges. Thursday: Honey lemon chicken, savory rice, steamed broccoli, red pepper strips, French bread, strawberry applesauce. Friday: Menu not available.


Monday: Chef salad (offered daily, HS) or breaded chicken/WG bun, California blend, red peppers, orange wedges. Tuesday: Hot dog/WG bun, baked beans, baby carrots, applesauce. Wednesday: Pizza casserole, corn, cucumber slices, mandarin oranges. Thursday: Turkey wrap/mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce mix, grape tomatoes, fruit cocktail. Friday: No school.

Senior Dining

Washington Community Y

Monday: Meat sauce, whole grain noodles, green beans, wheat bread, mandarin oranges, apple delight. Tuesday: Barbecued meatballs, baked potato, lima beans, pineapple, fudge oatmeal bar. Wednesday: Polish sausage/bun, sauerkraut, potato salad, fresh fruit, cookie. Thursday: Deli sandwich, soup, fresh carrots, fresh fruit, cookie. Friday: Menu not available.

Wellman — Goodwin Senior Dining Center

Monday: Potato soup, chicken salad sandwich, broccoli salad, fruited Jell-O. Tuesday: Ham balls, s.c. mashed potatoes, baked beans, banana peach cup, pudding. Wednesday: Roast beef, mashed potatoes/gravy, zucchini Italiano, banana pudding. Thursday: Tuna & noodles, Harvard beets, mixed green salad, fruit, ice cream. Friday: Barbecued pork sandwich, potato salad, green beans, banana, orange fluff.

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