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Man arrested after hospital incident

By Xiomara Levsen | Apr 17, 2013
Ricky Gene Smith

Ricky Gene Smith, of Washington, was arrested on Sunday, April 14, and was charged with three counts of assault on a person engaged in certain occupations. These are aggravated misdemeanors and punishable by up to 2 years in prison with a fine of at least $625.
The alleged incident happened at the Washington County Hospitals and Clinics on Sunday, April 14. According to the court record Smith had gone to the hospital and was being an uncooperative patient. Smith had grabbed a nurse and struck her in the chest when she tried to remove Smith’s IV, the court record said. The nurse removed herself from the room and contacted the authorities.
According to the affidavit Sgt. Ronald R. See from the Washington Police Department responded to the call. Upon his arrival, hospital staff told See that Smith had allegedly assaulted hospital staff earlier that week, the court record said. See and the nurse entered the room where Smith was located together. The nurse told Smith she was going to remove the IV and as she tried to do so, Smith grabbed her hand, the court record said.
The court record said See thought the nurse was in pain by the way she reacted when Smith grabbed her hand. See said he grabbed Smith to try to get him to release his grasp on the nurse, the court record said. Smith then allegedly grabbed See’s left arm and dug his fingernails into See’s arm breaking the skin and causing See to bleed, the court record said.
See said he spoke to the nurse after Smith was restrained and handcuffed, the affidavit said. She reported having pain from the incident but no bruising or injury was seen by See.
See placed Smith under arrest and charged Smith with assault on a peace officer, the affidavit said. Officer Brian Van Willigen was called to the hospital to assist See with transporting Smith to the Washington County Jail.
At the jail See attempted to get Smith out of the patrol car and Smith tried to bite See’s arm, the affidavit said.
After the police left the Washington County Jail, another incident with Smith took place with a jailer, Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar said. Smith was being uncooperative at the jail so he was put into a restraint chair.
“He had calmed down so the jailer took him out of the chair,” Dunbar said. “He then assaulted the jailer, so they put him back in the restraint chair.”
The jailer received minor injuries from the incident, Dunbar said. When asked about Smith’s previous arrest Dunbar said he knew Smith was arrested but couldn’t remember for what.
According to court records, Smith was also arrested on April 10. Smith was charged with two counts of simple assault. Smith had allegedly unlawfully and intentionally committed an act, which resulted in physical contact with another that was insultive, the court record said.  
The affidavit said Smith had gone to the Washington County Hospital and Clinics to seeking medical treatment. When Smith was told he was being discharged he became upset because he wanted to stay, the affidavit said. The IV was removed and after that Smith went to the nurses station and asked for Dr. Gray. Upon being told Dr. Gray had left, Smith allegedly slapped the nurse, the affidavit said. Smith then grabbed the nurse’s shirt. Two other individuals came and intervened. They separated Smith from the nurse and escorted him to a chair where he received his discharge instructions, the affidavit said. Smith left the hospital and walked home.
He was later taken into custody, the court record said. He appeared before the magistrate on Friday, April 11, and pleaded guilty to two counts of simple assault. He was held for two days and fined.
Smith appeared before the magistrate again on Monday, April 15, for the alleged charges pertaining to the alleged incidents on Sunday, April 14. He pleaded not guilty. His bail was set at $5,000 and at this time he remains in custody at the Washington County Jail.

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