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Meth arrests continue

By David Hotle | Jun 18, 2013
Donald James Boileau

Donald James Boileau, 31, of Washington, is being held in the Washington County Jail under $50,000 bond after being arrested Monday afternoon for Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine, a Class B felony. A Class B felony is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.
According to court records, a search warrant had been executed at 306 N. Marion Ave., Apartment 3D in December 2012. The address is Goncho Apartments, which was declared off limits in January due to meth residue. The records said that this is Boileau’s residence. The report said several items used in the manufacture of meth were recovered in the apartment. Items included camp fuel, muriatic acid, stripped lithium batteries, plastic airline tubing, a lid with attached tubing, a bottle containing meth sludge, and pseudoephedrine pill receipts.
According to the report, Boileau had purchased pseudoephedrine 14 times in the previous year for his brother to manufacture meth. This is a total of 35,520 mg of pseudoephedrine, the report said, which could yield more than 32 grams of meth.
A preliminary hearing for Boileau will be held June 28.
Sgt. Ron See of the Washington Police Department said that Kyle Boileau, who was arrested on Dec. 5, 2012, operating a mobile meth lab on Washington Square, is Donald Boileau’s brother. He said that the arrest is part of the ongoing investigation into the incident. At this time, See said he is unsure if there will be any further arrests. Ron Boileau, who was also arrested in reference to the manufacture of meth at Goncho Apartments in Don Boileau’s uncle.
Kyle Boileau‘s arrest was part of a drug sweep and officers didn’t know he had an active meth lab in his car when they pulled him over. The sweep also included Ronald Boileau, who, according to reports, sold meth to an undercover officer. He was believed to have been making meth at a residence in Goncho Apartments.
In December 2012, the Washington-Louisa Drug Task Force executed a search warrant of room 3B at Goncho Apartments looking for signs of methamphetamine. The task force found signs of meth, which prompted the Washington Police Department to declare the room off limits. At the same time, room 3D was also declared off limits after contamination was found. On Jan. 16, the entire building was declared uninhabitable after it was found to have an unacceptable level of methamphetamine residue and “numerous” city and state fire and electrical code violations, a packet given to residents said. The building was secured on Jan. 17. The building contains 16 apartments, and about 30 people lived there. A press release reported that prior to any further occupancy the building must be cleaned and the methamphetamine levels tested in all areas, as well as the fire and electrical violations addressed.
Ron Boileau was arrested Dec. 6, 2012, in connection with meth manufacture. He was found dead in his cell in the Washington County Jail on Dec. 12, 2012, of what has been determined to be suicide.
The city has an ordinance which requires a home or apartment to be cleaned before it can be rented again if meth was found inside.

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