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Mid-Prairie Fine Arts Boosters host annual homecoming supper

Sep 12, 2017

WELLMAN—Mid-Prairie Music Program Hits a High Note with a grant from WCRF

The Mid-Prairie Fine Arts Boosters were the recipients of a Washington County Riverboat Foundation Grant that enabled them to add some musical instruments to their program.

“We were so excited that the Washington County Riverboat Foundation recognized and was willing to support the Mid-Prairie Fine Arts program,” says Terry Waters, who is a member of the Fine Arts Boosters of Mid-Prairie. “We have used their nearly $30,000 grant to buy musical instruments for the students’ use. We wanted to provide more opportunities for students to participate in Mid-Prairie Fine Arts programs,” says Waters.

“We find that student benefit in many ways from their participation in band, choir, drama and speech activities. The students are learning real life lessons of teamwork, goal setting, concentration, work ethic and and having fun in a constructive activity. We look forward to partnering with the WCRF in the future for needs that are beyond our regular fundraising activity.”’

On Friday, Sept. 15, before Mid-Prairie’s Varsity Homecoming Football Game, the Mid-Prairie Fine Arts Boosters, in partnership with Wellman Rotary, are holding their annual Homecoming Supper.

From 4:30 p.m. until 7 p.m., they will be serving sausage gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. There is a charge for the supper.

The money from the event will go specifically to assisting students who want to attend summer camps in the Arts.


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