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Miller-Meeks seeks GOP nod for congressional seat

By David Hotle | May 23, 2014
Congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks discusses issues with Washingtonians over coffee during a recent visit.

When she visited Washington recently, Congressional candidate Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks sat down with several community members at a local coffee shop to discuss concerns over a cup of coffee.
She said that several of the people she was talking to were people she already knew. Topics that people spoke with her about concerned national security, downsizing the military and how the country is treating veterans. She also said that the “competence of the current administration” was a topic for discussion.
“Far and away Iowa, like the rest of the country, is not sure the country is on the right track,” Miller-Meeks said. “There is a lot of dysfunction in Washington, D.C. and they want to send someone who can solve problems. I am a veteran and a doctor and I tend to solve problems, so I fit that bill quite well.”
With the June 3 primary quickly approaching Miller-Meeks, a candidate for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, said that she feels people are seeing a lot of serious issues and question the competency of the people in Washington, D.C. She said that her background enables her to ask the right questions and bring people together to find solutions to problems. She said the dysfunction — including the Affordable Care Act — is the reason she ran for the office. She said that she has expertise she can bring to have better health care reform.
An ophthalmologist and former director of the Iowa Department of Public Health since 2011, Miller-Meeks said that she decided to become a doctor after being severely burned as a teen. After taking several courses at a local community college, she joined the Army. She eventually got a degree in nursing and a master’s degree in education. She attended medical school and did her residency in Iowa. Her primary opponent for the primary is state representative Mark Lofgren.
If she is successful, this will be the Republican candidate’s third attempt to unseat incumbent Democrat Dave Loebsack.
When asked if she would support a minimum wage increase, she said that she hoped Iowa could create jobs that would provide more than minimum wage. She said that the federal government has to identify policies that will allow companies to expand and raise pay. She feels the Affordable Care Act is a tax on businesses.  
Miller-Meeks said that she feels she has a chance of winning the seat this time because, unlike in the past, she said that the issues are on her side. She said that during the campaign, while meeting people, she feels that her greatest strength has been listening to people and actually being willing to work on what they tell her.
“When I talk about those things (health care, jobs and government accountability) people get a sense that you are listening to what is bothering them,” she said. “This isn’t some talking point or some Washington, D.C., type telling you what to say. When you really listen to what they have to say they are more open and willing to engage in dialogue. I think that goes a long way.”

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