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Millers looking for a buyer for Goncho building

By Xiomara Levsen | Jan 02, 2014
Goncho Apartment Building, at 306 N. Marion Ave., has been sitting empty since an evacuation was ordered by the city in January 2013. Steve Miller, co-owner of the building with his son Jared Miller, said they are looking for a buyer for the building.

The red fence around 306 N. Marion Ave., known as Goncho Apartments, still stands and a sign on the door saying ‘do not enter’ is still posted.
In January 2013, residents were evacuated after the city ordered the building to be closed because of contamination from meth residue. Since then the building has been empty.
Elmer Miller, who co-owns the building with his son Jared, said currently they are looking for a buyer of the building.
“We have a couple of things in the hopper,” Miller said, “and a couple of people interested.”
Miller declined to say who the potential buyers were but did say he didn’t want to see the building torn down.
Miller has been in contact with Steve Donnolly, city of Washington building superintendent, about what is going on with Goncho Apartments.
“I just texted him last week to update him,” Miller said. “So it’s not totally ‘out of sight, out of mind.’”
Donnolly said the city hasn’t made any decisions about Goncho Apartments yet.
“We’re not going to let it sit there forever,” he said. “But I think we’re going to start moving on it one way or the other.”
Eventually, the city could go in and have the property accessed and cleaned up, Donnolly said. The last resort would be to have the building torn down, as two meth-contaminated buildings in town recently were.
“It’s a bigger building and we really don’t want to get involved in the tear-down of that if we don’t have to,” Donnolly said, “so we’re trying to work with the homeowner.”
Once a month Donnolly speaks with the Millers about what the plans are for the building.
“We’re just working at it,” Donnolly said. “We want it cleaned up or gone as bad as anybody. Sometimes the process doesn’t go as fast as people want.”

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Posted by: Kim Boileau | Jan 06, 2014 11:46

Lets not forget that the bldg was infested with bed bugs and multiple electrical issues, so whom ever decides to take this on will have to revamp the whole bldg not just meth clean up.

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