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More change orders approved for county jail project

Jul 11, 2018

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Extra dirt piling up at 800 S. Grand Avenue as construction on the new Henry County Jail gets underway will be hauled across the street to be used by the city in constructing a walking trail.

This was one of three change orders on the jail project approved by Henry County Supervisors during their meeting on Tuesday, July 10. The other two were approval for wiring by Mt. Pleasant Electric and the purchase of three heating pumps from C & M Cooling, Heating and Plumbing.

Moving the dirt across the street will save the county some money as they are responsible for half the cost of the walking trail per their agreement with the city of Mt. Pleasant. Hauling the dirt, which will be done by Myers Construction, includes the cost of mobilization, trucking of excavated material and traffic control signs and cost of labor for $5,621.

“We had some extra dirt and I didn’t want to spread it on site,” said John Hansen with Midwest Construction Consultants. “(The city) will have to import more dirt and pour the concrete, and they’ve agreed to do that. I thought it was very generous for them to do that.”

Additionally, Hansen said construction crews have run into some “unsuitable” soils in the past month of construction. Removing that “muck” and bringing in structural fill will cost $1,576, a price well worth the end result. “You don’t want to start off your foundation on unsuitable fill,” Hansen said.

The change order for Mt. Pleasant Electric is $6,770, which includes LED fixtures, outlets, switches and a circuit panel.

With the foundation laid for a steel construction and storage building, the walls are expected to be up in the next two weeks. Hansen explained that the steel building is the most economical way to provide storage. Otherwise, they would have to rent storage containers which could cost $15,000 to haul on and off the site and rent out during the duration of construction.

The three heating pumps from C & M for $12,570 will be for the steel building.

Hansen said construction is continuing to move according to schedule despite the hiccup in coming across unsuitable soil and even with the heavy rains of the past few weeks.

In other news, Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss thanked the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and DMC for “excellent” traffic control during the Highway 218 north bound lane closure Monday, adding that it went well. The detour was needed to improve the crossover lane for north bound traffic.

The Highway 78 detour is delayed until further notice. Highway 78 was to be closed on Monday, July 9 from Oasis Ave. to Racine Ave. for the construction of a twin box culvert.

Last week, crews remained busy on Merrimac Road, painting edge lines, weed eating around guardrails and mowing shoulders. Monday, July 2, they were repairing a culvert on 180th Street.

The Henry County Courthouse itself also will be undergoing some construction. State code requires the county make upgrades to the courthouse elevator to stay in compliance. Supervisors approved a quote from Schumaker Elevator Company for $10,460 for the upgrades. Upgrades must be completed by May 1, 2020.

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