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Negative Slants?

March 8, 2013
Ainsworth, Iowa

To address the zoning administrator’s statement, “Its a sad day when people spread rumors and prey on the fears of our older generation.”
From a pro-zoning vantage point this may appear to be a legitimate argument.  The other legitimate side is, “Its a sad day when political leaders and their hired hands, force upon an unwilling public a drastic reduction in their freedom and liberty and call it a good thing.”  Much like flu shots, zoning only works when exposed to a problem it can actually fix.  With the flu shot, our bodies have built up a resistance to a disease they may never be exposed to, but the antibodies are still there doing who knows what to who knows who.  Much like the flu shot, nobody is going out there and saying how wonderful it is that they now have to get permission, at a fee, to do what they could have done without permission for free.  Especially if they’re never exposed to the problem its purported to fix.  The “facts” surrounding the benefits of zoning unlike the flu shot are even more prevalent and misguided and ALL have been refuted.
The request by the supervisors for the Zoning Administrator to come up with a process to either rescind or nullify zoning is justified. That hasn’t been done.  Coming up with a solution to eliminate one’s job, probably isn’t a first priority for anyone.  However, not doing your job in the process isn’t an option and could be viewed by an employer as insubordination.  Spending taxpayer dollars developing opinions and having them printed in papers and posted on taxpayer-funded Web sites, supporting a specific agenda to espouse the benefits of the regulation they are supposed to be nullifying, solidifies this insubordination.
The people spoke in the primaries last spring and in the elections last fall.  The clear message to this new group of politicians is to do what they said they were going to do without exception.  If not, it’.s the duty of the people to find representation that has the courage to do so.

Marcus Fedler