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New house brings questions on zoning

By Linda Wenger | Nov 13, 2012

A farmer who is concerned about a new house going up near his farm fields asked the Washington County Board of Supervisors questions about the subdivision and zoning ordinances during the board’s weekly meeting Tuesday morning.
Planning and Zoning administrator Steve Lafaurie brought a proposed minor plat to the supervisors, which was the subject of a public hearing. He spoke about the Cottonwood Corners Subdivision located on the west side of Kiwi Avenue near Highway 1. Bruce Wagner wishes to build a house on a lot owned by his family. Because it is the second residential split on the family farm, a minor subdivision is needed.
Lafaurie told the supervisors that the minor plat conforms to the county’s subdivision and zoning ordinances and comprehensive plan. He recommended the board approve a resolution to accept and approve the minor plat.
Don Vittetoe, an adjoining landowner, asked the supervisors questions about fences and what constitutes a fence. He also said he’s a row crop farmer, so the homeowner may find corn cobs and soybean dust in his yard or on the house. He also asked about tiling.
Lafaurie said that a fence would be the responsibility of the new homeowner. He said that the 200-foot setback between the house and a farm field is required. He also said that there is no tiling on the minor plat.
Wagner said that he is aware of what living near a farming operation is all about.
At the end of the conversation, Lafaurie repeated that the minor plat conforms to county ordinances and that he recommended the board adopt the resolution, which they did unanimously.
In other business, the supervisors listened to a presentation from Gary Stephenson of Fort Dodge about lithographs of the United States Constitution. He is trying to finish a project his late father started and that is to place a matted and framed lithograph, created in 1934, in every county courthouse in Iowa. He asked the supervisors’ permission to obtain donors to pay $850 for the framed and matted lithograph. He said he does all of the work to find donors. Stephenson also wants the piece presented to the county by local veterans.
The supervisors approved a motion to acknowledge and support the project.

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