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New life in scoreboard

By David Hotle | Aug 21, 2014
Noon Kiwanians Shawn Ellingson, left, Dan Voss and Marty Beenblossom work to replace the lights in the Case Field scoreboard Wednesday evening. It took about four hours to replace the 366 lights in the scoreboard.

How many Noon Kiwanians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? On Wednesday evening it took three to screw in 366 lightbulbs at Case Field.
As part of a service project, Kiwanians Shawn Ellingson, Dan Voss and Marty Beenblossom spent about four hours on 20-foot ladders replacing the bulbs in the field’s scoreboard.
“I have been going to football games for years and it irritates me that not all the bulbs work,” Ellingson said, of how the idea formed. “I have helped (athletic director) Bryce Smeins replace bulbs in the past. The logo this year was looking kind of shoddy – pink rather than orange. We were talking about it at Kiwanis one day and we decided to do it as a community service project.”
Ellingson said the Kiwanis board had approved the work. In addition to replacing the bulbs, the group repainted the chaser lights and is putting on a new logo. He said the project cost about $500, which was funded by Noon Kiwanis. He said that several local businesses sold the materials to the service group at cost.
Washington High School principal Erik Buchholz said that some of the work done to the scoreboard was slow. He said that some of the lightbulbs had rusted into place and the volunteers had to break the bulbs and remove the remainder with pliers.
“Hopefully we have a nice scoreboard we can light up for fans starting Friday night,” Buchholz said.
On Friday, the Demons football team will scrimmage with Eddyville. Smeins said that the scoreboard would be running for the games.
While Buchholz and Smeins are not certain how old the scoreboard is, they said that it more than 20 years old and less than 32.
“It was great for the Noon Kiwanis to help us out with that,” Smeins said. “It is an ongoing issue. It is over 20 years old.”
He said that the scoreboard looks almost new.
Ellingson said that discussion was given to replacing the bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs, but because of the age of the scoreboard, using LEDs would not have been feasible.
“It is still 20 years old, but at least it is fully functioning and works good,” Ellingson said.

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