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Niabi Zoo adds aquatic habitat to exhibits

Jun 30, 2017

Starting today, visitors to Niabi Zoo will have the chance to experience a brand new aquatic habitat that features a giant Pacific octopus, a moray eel, jellyfish, and many other underwater species.

The new exhibit features a total of 40 aquatic species from across the world and is housed in a renovated building immediately to the right of the zoo’s entry gate.

“Although oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, we’ve only explored about five percent of the Earth’s oceans,” said Lee Jackson, director of Niabi Zoo. “In building this new habitat, we wanted to expose our visitors to this amazing underwater world and educate them about the animals that call it home. We’ve also dedicated a big part of the exhibit to the threats these animals face and how we can help in conservation efforts.”

The theme for the new exhibit is “Amaze | Connect | Save.”

“As visitors explore the new habitat, first they will be amazed by facts about the ocean and especially the importance of coral reefs,” said Jackson. “As they move through the exhibit, we’ll help connect how all of us – even right here in the Midwest – are connected to oceans. Lastly, we’ll talk about threats to our oceans and how each of us can make a difference.”

Among the animals on display are: a Giant Pacific Octopus, which grows bigger and lives longer than any other octopus species and a Blue Spotted Stingray, which can usually be found in the shallow, sandy, or rocky areas on a reef.

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