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No cover scent please

By Steve Anderson | Nov 12, 2012

It is before daylight on Election Day as I leave my truck. I grab my gear and begin walking quickly down a mowed path toward my stand, without a light as always. As most people know, when you walk quickly in the dark, you see and hear very little. In this case, a very subtle sound very close startles me and I stop. Not 5 feet from me I immediately see the back end of a skunk, tail raised and stomping his feet. Uh oh! As much as cover scent is a part of bow hunting, I surely would like to pass on this one! I stand very still, and fortunately the animal begins to relax and ambles off without actually spraying. I then head on into my deer stand, with no sightings of my intended quarry at all. As I sit, I find myself hoping that whoever is elected today is nowhere near the worthless greedy bum their opponent has made them out to be. Then again, most of them would be in a mental ward of a prison if what was reported was true. But, enough of politics.

Right now, I am hearing a great many bow hunting success stories from friends and family. Congratulations to each of those hunters, and good luck to those still hunting. What an exciting time to be out there!

The Iowa deer rut is peaking, which causes the normally nocturnal and reclusive bucks to be active and at least somewhat more vulnerable to both hunters and, unfortunately, vehicles. Ie: The next few weeks is when the car/deer accidents are most common. Be careful out there, I don’t want you running over the buck I want to arrow! Teasing.

Personally, I have thus far harvested just two does. One of them was a large “matriarchal” doe with three fawns from a farm where this was needed. I have now shifted my full attention to the ones with antlers, and have truly enjoyed some vacation days spent in various stands. Rattling, grunting, scent tricks, and quiet waiting have all resulted in antlered deer “visiting” me. Several have eventually “busted” me, with an eight pointer doing so last night from a distance of 5 horizontal and 6 vertical yards. IE: He looked up and found me, but would have been a little late. Far more of them have busted me at greater downwind distances, likely most of which I never even saw. If a big one comes along I will love it; if not, I am certainly loving getting away! I would not trade that experience for a trip anywhere on earth, although the sleep deprivation becomes a factor at times.

I hope that everyone is enjoying this great time of year in their own way. Be safe out there!

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Nov 22, 2012 07:33

by Bob Livinston 

Americans hold about $17.9 trillion in retirement assets. These are found in the form of 401(k)s, individual retirement accounts and pension funds.

That money is not your own. If it were, you would be able to access it without penalty. But that is not the case. Taxes and onerous fees are tacked on if you take the money when you need it. And now some are eyeing those funds as a big piggy bank to rob in order to pay off the “national debt.”

More hearings on this subject were held in 2010. They were presided over by J. Mark Iwry, senior adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury and deputy assistant secretary for retirement and health policy. Irwy believes 401(k)s and IRAs are unfair because they benefit the rich. But the plan to “nationalize” retirement plans was put on hold following the 2010 election. Unions are big advocates of a nationalized retirement system. A $17.9 trillion piggy bank plus $16.3 trillion debt equals a marriage that could be consummated in hell — or Congress, which is almost the same thing.

Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Nov 22, 2012 07:19

"Then again, most of them would be in a mental ward of a prison if what was reported was true. But, enough of politics." Adding $6 trillion to the national debt may seem like insanity to some of us, unless you have an agenda. Taking this country into default or bankruptcy may be a means to an end. At that point, we may have few options but to accept a reduced military presence and influence in the world. Confiscation of wealth becomes a viable option, either through high taxes, the likes of which we have not seen before or outright confiscation of investments in 401Ks and total government control when the capitalist system collapses. We then have a new world order and not one shot was fired.

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