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Observing Lent

Feb. 3, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:
Some will remember the saying, Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Today, an analogy might be, Congress fiddles while the middle class burns.
Soon, many will be observing the season of Lent and, invariably, somebody will comment on what they will be giving up for that holy time. Isn’t the purpose of fasting to cleanse the body and mind? To deny oneself a pleasure for six weeks only to return to it doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.
A recent article, “Lent: Fasting From Versus Feasting On,” prompted some cerebration. On that premise, dare I be so brazen to suggest our family values Republican-controlled Congress (and a few select Democrats) do some fasting during Lent. FAST FROM the hatred they have for the president and any suggestions he offers to improve the quality of life for millions; then, FEAST ON the merits of each proposal, have a civil discussion, and make decisions for the betterment of mankind, America, and the world. Always, I am hopeful but won’t be holding my breath!

Ione S. Burham