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Opportunities for Clover Kids and 4-H’ers available

May 01, 2014

Washington County Clover Kids in kindergarten through third grade have opportunities to learn more about the Sheep, Goat, Rabbit and Clothing projects through special mentoring programs. Interested Clover Kids will be paired up with 4-H’ers who have experience in those project areas.

The sheep mentoring program is available to Clover Kids in third grade only. They will meet with their 4-H mentor two to three times prior to the Washington County Fair. These meetings will allow the 4-H mentor to talk with and teach the Clover Kid about sheep and how to show sheep. In addition, Clover Kids may learn about feeding, care of, showmanship and grooming of the sheep. Clover Kids then complete this experience by showing at the Washington County Fair with the 4-H'er and one of their lambs in the Clover Kid Sheep Show on Tuesday, July 15.

The goat mentoring program is similar to the sheep program, however, it is open to only second-grade Clover Kid members. The Clover Kid goat show will immediate follow the 4-H Goat Show on Monday, July 14.

The rabbit mentoring program is for second- and third-grade Clover Kids and will include a short 30-minute visit between the experienced 4-H rabbit showman and Clover Kids on Wednesday, July 16 at 4 p.m. They will practice how to hold, carry, flip, and groom the rabbit. At 4:30 p.m. that day Clover Kids will have the opportunity to show the 4-H’er's rabbit in the Clover Kid Rabbit Show.

The Clothing Event is for second- and third-grade Clover Kids. They will meet with their 4-H mentor late in the afternoon on June 18 Clothing Event to allow the 4-H member to coach the Clover Kid about basic design principles and elements, clothing selection, modeling, and speaking with a judge. Those who participate will be able to model their outfit at a special Clover Kids Style Show on July 15, at the county fair. Clothing Event has a special early registration deadline of May 15.

Interested Clover Kids need to sign up by June 1, by contacting the Washington County Extension Office. Experienced 4-H rabbit, goat, sheep and clothing mentors are needed for these Clover-Kid events to be successful. Please consider sharing your expertise and time in mentoring a younger member. 4-H’ers should sign up as a mentor by contacting the Extension Office.

For more information about Clover Kids and 4-H, please contact Amy Green at the Washington County Extension Office, 319-653-4811, or e-mail to <amygreen@iastate.edu>.

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