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Overflow reported in City of Wellman

By Xiomara Levsen | Jan 08, 2014

WELLMAN—A plugged sewer line caused an overflow from a manhole Monday on Ninth Avenue between Second and Third Street.
Wellman City Administrator Nick Pacha said his office found out about the plugged sewer line Monday morning.
“Once we found out about it, we began reaching out to a bunch of contractors; and because of the cold and not wanting their equipment out in the cold a lot of them didn’t respond,” Pacha said.
Finally, Monday afternoon a contractor from Iowa City came down and jetted out the line, he said.
Today the city brought in a camera to view the plugged sewer line.
“There was a buildup of what they call tuberculation,” Pacha said. “It’s a buildup of grease, calcium, and different deposits. We think the cold weather helped things to build up in this line.”
The city will have a bigger truck come down on Friday, Jan. 10, to clean the sewer line further, Pacha said.
The plugged sewer line will be an ongoing maintenance issue for the city, Pacha said.
“We’ll have to look at it each year and make sure it doesn’t plug up like this,” he said.
No residents were affected or reported sewage backup in their basement to city hall, Pacha said. The sewer line and storm drains are connected to a nearby creek, but he said he didn’t think any of the sewage reached the creek.
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued a press release on Wednesday, Jan. 8, saying they were monitoring the situation. The DNR also said people and pets should avoid the affected area for 48 hours.

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