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Paving will be done in two weeks

By Andy Hallman | Oct 11, 2012

The paving project on West Madison Street will be done in the next two weeks.
The paving is being done by Norris Asphalt and Aggregates of Ottumwa. The company’s vice president, Steve Leonard, said the finishing touches are being put on West Madison in the city and on Highway 92 in the country.  
Highway 92 is being repaved from the south junction with Highway 1 to the north junction. In addition to repaving the road, the company added four feet of paved shoulder on both sides of the road.
Leonard said the extra feet for the paved shoulder is not necessarily for a bicycle lane. It’s something the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires on state roads that are repaved.
Once Norris Asphalt and Aggregates finishes paving the road, it will turn its attention to adding rock along the shoulder. Leonard said this final step should be done by the end of next week.
West Madison Street was milled from the intersection with the south juncture of Highway 1 to the intersection with Second Avenue. Leonard said that 3 inches of asphalt were removed and that 3.5 inches of new asphalt were put back on.
Even though many of the lines have been painted, the company isn’t quite done paving West Madison. Leonard said the company still has to fix a few manholes in order to make them level with the road, since the road elevation changed.   
There are two storm water intakes on West Madison Street that need to be completely reconstructed, Leonard said. They are located near the western edge of Sunset Park. He said that, in both cases, the intakes are old and are no longer structurally sound.
Motorists have noticed that there is something different about West Madison besides the new asphalt. The road is now three lanes wide instead of four. The middle lane is outlined in yellow stripes and is used only for turning. Leonard said that motorists have done a good job so far of driving in the appropriate lanes while the road is still under construction.
“Things have gone pretty smoothly,” he said. “I haven’t heard of any issues to speak of. It’s difficult to do this sort of thing in an urban setting where the traffic lanes have to change periodically.”
Early this morning at about 5:30, a vehicle reportedly struck a piece of construction equipment on West Madison Street near the intersection with South F Avenue. The driver was uninjured but reported that the airbags deployed. Leonard said he was unaware of this incident when interviewed early Thursday afternoon.   
Another construction project that residents have noticed is the new sidewalk corners along Highway 92 in the city. The new sidewalks were paved not just on West Madison Street but on a portion of Second Avenue and East Washington Street as well. Leonard said the sidewalk portion of the project was done about a week ago.
The sidewalks were repaved in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The sidewalk corners that there were before were sloped too steeply.
West Madison has never been closed as a result of the construction. Norris Asphalt and Aggregates was able to keep one lane open to allow traffic to file through the street. The portion of Highway 92 between the south and north junction with Highway 1 has required a pilot car to assist motorists in navigating that stretch of road.

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