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Philips is Democrat nominee

By Xiomara Levsen | Sep 05, 2013
Terry Philips

The Washington County Democrats met last night in a special convention to nominate a candidate for the open District 5 supervisor seat.
The people at the convention discussed who would represent them. “No one personally came out and said they wanted to be nominated.” Richard Gilmore asked.
“Not at this point, no,” said Pete Morrison. “Some people looked at it, but they are no longer in the district, so that disqualified them. Some people live in the district and don’t want anything to do with the situation, like myself.”
Gilmore said he understood Terry Philips lived in the district and would be willing to run for the supervisor position if no one else came forward to do so.
“Is that correct?” Morrision asked Philips.
“I don’t want to fight a good candidate who wants to run, but I don’t want to see a blank slate,” Philips said.
Morrison went on to nominate Philips to be the Democrat candidate. Before the vote was taken, Philips asked if everyone in attendance had a chance to speak about whether or not they knew of someone who was interested in running in the upcoming special election on Oct. 8.
“Well, is there any other conceivable person that lives in the district?” Morrison asked.
“We’re not closing the door to anyone else,” Gilmore said. “I would help anyone else. We would help anyone.”
“Well, it looks to me like there’s no one else presenting themselves to run,” Morrison said.
Gilmore said Morrison was correct. Morrison made a motion to have the nominations cease. Then the vote was taken. Philips was selected unanimously to be the nominee.
The special election will be held on Oct. 8. The District 5 supervisor position became open after Ron Bennett resigned effective Aug. 7 citing health reasons.

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