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Play Historic Preservation Scavenger Hunt

May 16, 2013
Our next example of cemetery architecture is west of No. 1, up the hill and a bit north. This tomb is a wonderful example of Egyptian motifs used to glorify the departed. The winged figure at the top denotes the Egyptian image for the soul on its journey with the ancient gods. The front wall and bronze doors show papyrus plants — very important to ancient Egypt as they symbolize the Nile River as well as a source of ancient paper used to write the Books of the Dead. What family is here?

Welcome to the 2013 Historica Preservation Scavenger Hunt. The City of Washington’s Historic Preservation Commission hopes you will help the commissioners celebrate for the next four weeks. All of the answers to the clues can be found in the two local cemeteries. Please take care as you wander in search of markers and mausoleums.

More detailed guidelines and an entry blank may be found in the Monday, May 13, Journal. Photos and clues are published Monday through Thursday for four weeks.

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