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Police logs delayed

By David Hotle | Nov 04, 2013

The installation of a new computer program at the Washington County Communications Center is making the transfer of the daily police log difficult and will delay the information being provided to local media.
Beginning today, The Washington Evening Journal will attempt to get at least some of the information that would have otherwise been reported in the police log from area officials. The weather graphic, morning jail count, and river level reports will continue as normal.  When the system is corrected, The Journal will get the information from the logs to its readers in as timely a manner as possible.
“It is my understanding that there was actually some miscommunications,” Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar said. “One person understood something differently. That is why we don’t have the complaints. By Wednesday, we should have everything.”
Dunbar said that on Saturday the communications center has switched to the new Tak-10 records management system. He said that the complaints aren’t being generated yet. He said that he has been trying to go into the system to determine incidents over the weekend. He said that the original plan was for one section of the network to change over to the new system on Saturday. Due to the miscommunications, the entire system was changed over.
All records, including back records, should be available possibly Wednesday, Dunbar said. He said that the information would be out as soon as the department is able.
Once the system is up and running, Dunbar said the new system will allow the city and the county law enforcement offices to access each other’s information. He said that the new program is Web-based. Both Johnson and Iowa counties use the system, and Dunbar hopes to be able to share information with the other counties using Tak-10.
“We are looking at being more efficient and getting as much data into our system as we can,” he said.
He said that when the police log is restored, it would include such things as every traffic stop made by law enforcement in the county.
Dunbar asks the public to bear with the sheriff’s office as they work to get the system up and running.
The Journal apologizes for any inconvenience that this will cause and promises to return to normal reporting of the police log as soon as possible.

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