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Presenting the facts

December 23, 2014
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:
I am writing to clear up a couple of misrepresentations concerning the Washington County Public Health (WCPH) renting offices from Federation Bank. This seems to be of interest to the public, as I have had several questions about the article published in the 12/17/2014 Washington Evening Journal.
Recently WCPH moved out of the old library and is now renting nearly all of the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Federation Bank building (over 8,000 square feet). Beginning in November the monthly rent did go to $4,088.50 or $49,062 per year. What was not mentioned in the article is that the lease that the County has with Federation is not a triple net lease. Instead it is a lease whereby Federation pays for all of the property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, garbage removal, cleaning bathrooms, hallways and stairwells, and supplies right down to paper towels and toilet paper.
So, in reality if WCPH owns their own building they certainly would not have the $50,000 they are spending now to apply toward equity as was implied in the 12/17/2014 article. They would have to deduct utilities, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, etc., to come up with a net figure to apply toward equity. I guarantee you it is considerably less than $50,000.
WCPH is also free to put a sign on the outside of the building. The sign is at their expense and must be approved by Federation Bank.
I trust that WCPH will clarify this information with the public and the readership of the Washington Evening Journal in a timely manner.
I am not passing judgment on whether WCPH needs new offices or a new building. I will let the building committee and eventually the voters decide that issue. I just wanted to make sure the general public knew the facts of the current arrangement, as I felt the comments made in the article were misleading.

Dale J. Torpey
Federation Bank