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Programs need support

April 27, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:
Regarding the importance of early education in children’s lives, a wise woman in Washington told us, “If we don’t launch them right, how do we expect them to land right?”
Washington is incredibly lucky to have strong preschool programs, and as a community we need to support those programs. One program in great need is the WCSD’s preschool at Stewart West. The Stewart West facility was built in 1941 as an automotive repair shop and filling station. In 1944 it was remodeled as a car showroom for Nash Automobiles. The Washington School District acquired the building in 1998 and it has served Stewart Elementary as an overflow education site for nearly two decades. Change is greatly needed.
Voters will get a chance to make this happen on Tuesday, June 30, by voting to approve a bond to have a preschool addition built onto the Stewart main building. This will alleviate the dangerous pickup and drop-off situation at Stewart West, and will provide students and teachers with a safe and age-appropriate space for early education. In support of the other existing preschools in Washington, Stewart will not be increasing its enrollment cap, but two additional classrooms are included in the plan for use by other preschools or future growth.
If you’d like more information, please visit our Web site at http://friendsofwashingtonearlylearning
center.weebly.com/. Let’s support our preschools and build a foundation for the future!

Debbie Stanton
Friend of Washington
Early Learning Center