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Question about K-9s

February 26, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:

Why is it that two K-9 highly trained, certified dogs can’t track a suspect a mile across a field? The county sheriff wants two $21,000 dogs, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use, and one of the dogs’ jobs is to track fleeing suspects. Well, Cedar Township had a fleeing suspect, and those two dogs couldn’t track him across the field, so what good are they? It was up to a homeowner to capture the guy and call the cops to come and get him. What if that suspect would have been a 3-year-old child who slipped out the door and wandered off? I don’t think a child would have lasted for eight hours in the cold.
You’re paying for a high-priced dog that’s trained to do a job and I’m not sure it will do what it’s trained to do. If it doesn’t, it’s an awfully expensive pet for someone.
Now, I think I have a cheaper solution for tracking fleeing suspects. Why doesn’t the county sheriff go to Cedar Rapids and talk to the lady who was in Mercy Medical Center for two weeks when her Miniature Schnauzer got out of the house and tracked her to the hospital 15 to 20 blocks after she had been there for two weeks. Think of all the people who had tramped up and down that sidewalk, some of them walking their own dogs for two weeks, and this Miniature Schnauzer can find its owner. She might just sell for a whole lot less if you want a dog to track suspects.

Tom Patterson