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RBR drops county lawsuit

By David Hotle | May 29, 2014

RICHMOND — According to a press release from Tom Duwa, president of Residents for a Better Richmond (RBR), a lawsuit the group had filed against the city in reference to a deal with the Regional Utility Services System (RUSS) for a lagoon has been withdrawn without prejudice.
In the release, Duwa said that because of the “working relationship” RBR is experiencing with the supervisors, the group believes all needs and concerns regarding Richmond and Rubio sewers have been met and are satisfied.
“RBR strongly believed it was necessary to challenge the validity of the 28E agreements as, in RBR’s opinion, the best interests of the Richmond and Rubio citizens were not taken into account when the concept, organization and engineering firms were selected,” Duwa wrote.
The release said that RBR has had a civil and pleasant experience with the board and looks forward to working with them on future endeavors.

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Posted by: Terry O'Neill | May 29, 2014 21:40

Well done, residents and elected officials -- good news, indeed! L.Wittmayer-O'Neill

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