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By Aaron Viner | Aug 08, 2014

The enthusiasm surrounding new Washington football head coach Garrison Carter is hard to miss, especially when talking to the young head coach himself.
In the couple of times I’ve talked to him, you can tell he’s ready to tackle (pun certainly intended) whatever you ask of him, and he’s ready to get this season off the ground.
In the couple of weeks before the opening game at home against Pella, there are a few stories that are deserving of attention, but one is something that the readers can easily help out with.
One of Carter’s goals is to delve into the depths of the Washington football history books and create a detailed record book for the Demons.
I, for one, am completely on board with helping get this off the ground, as both a sportswriter and fan of the game of football.
From a sportswriter’s perspective, records are an easy benchmark to measure a season or career.
When you have a season like Alex Coker did last season, rushing for an absurd 1,497 yards and 25 touchdowns  last season, where does that stack up among the past Demon athletes?
As a fan of the game, it gives a little extra excitement to the game.
As the season grows on and players start to approach the historic marks, you cheer just a little bit harder for the athlete to take that extra yard or two, or to find his way into the end zone to break often long-standing records.
Currently, Carter has compiled a full list of stats from 2006 to 2013, but is now looking for help in adding depth to the lists.
In small-town Iowa, there are a number of people who have been in Washington many years, and maybe they remember a better year.
If there’s a season like that, see if you can find a clip regarding the potential record (single-game or full season), bring it into The Journal or e-mail it to sports@washjrnl.com.
Here’s a look at a few of the records since 2006.
1. Zach Davis - 2,166 yards in 2006.
2. Jake Redlinger - 1,333 yards in 2010.
1. Alex Coker - 1,497 yards, 25 touchdowns in 2013.
2. Alex Coker - 958 yards, 10 touchdowns in 2012.
1. Kyle Salow - 1,228 yards, 12 touchdowns in 2006
2. Colin Steele - 476 yards, 5 touchdowns in 2011.
1. Angel Ponce - 147 tackles in 2006.
2 Garrett Covington - 140 tackles in 2013.

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