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Restoring the ruined places

By The Rev. W. David Watson, First Assembly of God Church | Feb 28, 2014

Take a good look around you and you will see a snapshot of humanity. Like buildings that have set empty for many years, the outside looks decent but the inside is all but ruined. Through lack of use the inactivity has led to decay. As individuals, we try our best to put on our plastic smiles and pseudo pleasantries to give the illusion that everything is just fine with us. In the arena of faith, this becomes extremely dangerous because we never allow those issues, that are in many cases ruining us, to be dealt with by a loving and caring God who desires a true relationship with us. We do not allow ourselves to align with a faith community to uplift, edify, and support us. So, we walk around depressed, stressed, and even embittered towards God.

Scripture tells us in Isaiah 61 that God will restore the ruined places. For many reading that Scripture, it appears to be talking about buildings, walls, and houses, but if God cares enough to restore physical dwellings of his people, how much more does he care about his creation. God's desire has and will always be to have a true relationship with his creation. Many have tried church and Christianity and feel as though they have failed. The reason for the feelings of inadequacy and disqualification is because we have used perfection as a mirror and there is no way we can measure up. God has never called us to be perfect. He is the only one who is. If perfection was attainable then Jesus Christ would have never had to be crucified. So take heart. God wants to restore the ruined places in your life. He wants to restore the relationship with you.

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