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Reynolds returns to WACO

By Brooks Taylor | Jun 19, 2013

CRAWFORDSVILLE — Vicki Reynolds’ absence was short-lived.
One year to be exact.
Reynolds resigned following the 2011-12 term after spending 12 years in the district as elementary principal.
She will return to the post this fall as WACO School Directors, meeting in regular session Monday night at the Crawfordsville center, approved her contract. Reynolds, who will be paid $75,000, replaces Brandt Snakenberg, who resigned just prior to the end of the school term. She will also serve as district curriculum director.
Reynolds was just one of numerous personnel matters handled by the board last night.
Administrative salaries were set for the next school year. Todd Werner, high school principal, will receive a 4-percent total package increase. His salary will increase from $74,058.40 to $76,946.68. Business manager/school board secretary Carrie Coble also will receive a 4-percent total package increase with her salary increasing from $43,180.80 to $44.908.03.
Directors also ratified the tentative contract agreement with the support staff (WESA) for 2013-14. The contract covers bus drivers, custodians, para-professionals, hot-lunch workers and clerical staff. Support staff will receive a salary increase of 56 cents an hour.
Other contract adjustments included a $3,935 compensation increase for media specialist Bert Miller. Miller works two days per month. The elementary school nurse received a pay increase of $953 due to an increase from 0.897 full-time equivalency (FTE) to 0.9 FTE.
Numerous staff resignations were approved. They  include: Brad Shettler, junior high softball coach (following the conclusion of the 2013 season); Tyler Kibbee, secondary associate; Kristine Kliewer, elementary teacher; Taryn Collins, preschool associate; Dianne Black, elementary associate; Tina Whalen, elementary teacher; and Michelle Miller, elementary associate.
A contract was approved for Andrea McBeth as junior high school student council sponsor. McBeth will be paid $315.
In other business, the board learned that the district is drafting a “weighted” class formula. Basically, that means students taking more rigorous and some college-credit classes will be graded on a 5-point, rather than a 4-point scale, i.e. an A would be worth 5 points on the student’s grade-point average.
Proposed classes qualifying for weighted status include advance biology, human anatomy, physics, college English, two college U.S. history courses, two sociology courses, FST, pre-calculus, calculus, Spanish IV, college computer application and college computer programming.
The board will receive the proposal during the July meeting.
College-credit courses also were approved by the board. They include: two English classes, psychology, two U.S. history classes, welding, introduction to computers, introduction to computer programming and health academy (medical terminology, human relations, medical law and ethics, nurse aide and ZBLS and emergency preparedness for health-care workers) and speech.
Superintendent Dr. Darrell Smith said the college course offering could expand. “We can do them with either Southeastern (Community College) or Kirkwood (Community College). We want to be able to offer these to the students. We may be able to come up with more (courses) because with Kirkwood’s new facility in Washington, it might mean more course offerings.”
Smith also said that bids will be requested for laptop computers for every teacher in the district. “Our plan is to begin professional development using technology as an instructional tool,” Smith explained.
Furthermore, he said the board can expect a proposal for chromebooks (laptop computers) this fall. The superintendent said the proposal will include chromebooks for students to be implemented the first day of the second semester at the latest, noting that if the district can do it earlier, it will.
The district is also requesting quotes to replace windows and doors at the junior/senior high school in Wayland. “The door frames are rusting,” he noted. One of the problems faced in gaining the quotes is that only a limited number of companies replace commercial windows and doors.
Other possible maintenance work this summer at the Wayland center is carpet replacement and roof work. “I think the metal (roof) is okay, but the flashings are the problem,” Smith noted.
Finally, the superintendent praised the hot-lunch staff for a superlative inspection. “Very seldom do you get one (inspection) that doesn’t have any comments. It went very well. They (inspectors) always try to find something and found nothing. The (hot-lunch) staff deserves congratulations.”
WACO directors meet again in regular session Monday, July 15, at 6:30 p.m. in the junior/senior high school media center.

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