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Richmond arranging septic work

Seward promises to update the public on the project during every meeting
By Linda Wenger | Apr 30, 2013
Washington County engineer Jacob Thorius recommended the supervisors approve an agreement related to the use of federal Highway Bridge Funds  for replacing the bridge over Crooked Creek on the Wayland Road. He said it was a standard agreement. Also pictured are county auditor Dan Widmer (center) and supervisor Stan Stoops.

Richmond residents have begun routine maintenance on their private septic systems since the Washington County Board of Supervisors ended the involvement of the Regional Utility Service Systems (RUSS) from the Richmond and Rubio sanitary sewer issues on April 23.
David Rosen of Residents for a Better Richmond (RBR) informed the supervisors that several septic systems have been pumped and that 17 to 19 residents are signed up to have the same work done. He said that residents interested in getting their systems pumped could call Randy Berg of Richmond.
“He’s in the phone book,” Rosen said. “He has information about it and can arrange it. If more than one person does it at a time, we can get a quantity discount.”
He also told the supervisors, “We look forward to working with our county sanitarian and county officials to get the place cleaned up and bring everything up to where it should have been all along.”
Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. told the board and the public that he will update the board “every week we have a meeting.”
Seward said that he spoke to three Iowa Department of Natural Resources staff members about the county’s decision. He spoke to Russell Royce, Dennis Ostwinkle and a third man, whose name he could not remember.
“It was a general discussion to keep them updated and what we are doing and what we are thinking and what our plans, in general, are,” he said. “They seem to be supportive of what we are going to try to do.”
Seward said that the board plans to meet with county sanitarian Jeff Thomann soon to iron out some details.
“The other thing that I would say is that most of the comments that we’ve received thus far from the public have been, I would say, overwhelmingly positive of the steps we have taken,” he said.
Seward also reported that he told the RUSS board that he thought the county will be able to repay the money spent without court action. He said the money would not have to be repaid until Jan. 1, 2014.
Board chairman Ron Bennett said he plans to continue to meet with the DNR.
County attorney Larry Brock gave a brief update on the lawsuit filed by RBR to the board. He said he has talked with RBR’s attorney. He told the attorney that the board’s action last week “essentially moots the point of their lawsuit.”
The board took no formal action regarding the Richmond and Rubio sanitary sewer projects.
Before adjourning the meeting, Bennett said that former supervisor Jim Miksch had died. He expressed the thanks of the board for the work Miksch did for the county and asked for a moment of silence.

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Apr 30, 2013 17:16

That was kind of you to say.

Posted by: Robert Dale Zager | Apr 30, 2013 15:31

sad that Jim has died....  I am grateful for his service to this county..  we did not always agree , but we respected our rights to have differences.   my regards to his family....  JAZager

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