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Riders increase on Mini Bus

Oct 05, 2017

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The number of people using the Washington County Mini Bus has increased a lot in the last month.

Washington County supervisor Abe Miller spoke about this at the supervisors meeting Tuesday morning.

“In 19 days last month, they put on 41,417 miles for a total of 4,716 riders,” Miller said. “Of those, 325 of them were in wheelchairs.”

This averages out to be 1,100 miles a day with 248 passengers a day, he added.

Miller went to a meeting at East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) meeting Thursday. Washington County receives 3 to 5 times the amount of money from ECICOG because of the number of passengers.

“So that gives you an idea of how Washington County stacks up with passengers compared to other counties,” Miller said. “They are all wondering what we’re doing. I think we’re just working hard at it — is what we’re doing.”

When you look at all the different events scheduled and rides sceduled that mini bus transports people to, he said he’s not sure how they do it.

“They seem to manage it well,” he added.

Board chairman Richard Young asked Washington County Mini Bus transportation director Cris Gaughan if the change in billing by the MCOs (managed care organizations) was affecting Mini Bus.

“We’re going paid,” she replied. “We are fortunate. Every once in a while there is a little bump, but it comes around.”

A good portion of the revenues for the Washington County Mini bus comes from MCO payments, she added.

“That’s why I’m thankful we don’t have the problems that others have,” Gaughan said.

Young said this is why he asked because he knew a lot of people were probably on MCOs.


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