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Riverboat Foundation discusses mini grants and director openings

By Xiomara Levsen | Jun 19, 2014

The Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) discussed the amount of mini grant applications, when to have the mini grant presentation, and the process for replacing three WCRF board members at the end of this year, at their regular meeting Wednesday evening.
The mini grant applications were due to the WCRF office by 5 p.m. Wednesday evening, said WCRF executive assistant Jim Logan. He said he received a lot of applications that day.
“I received 58 applications for non-profits, 16 from schools, and 21 from governmental agencies, like cities, townships, libraries, for a total of 95,” Logan said.
WCRF board member Ed Raber asked if this was the most mini grant applications the board had received. Logan said no. At one time the WCRF board received 150 mini grant applications.
The mini grant selection committee will meet next Wednesday to review the mini grant applications for the presentation in July, which is scheduled for July 16, at 6 p.m. at the casino.
After the brief discussion about the mini grants, the WCRF board discussed when the applications for the WCRF board positions would be due. There are three board member terms that end at the end of this year. Two are from the Washington area and one is from Riverside.
“We had talked about having applications due by Aug. 15,” said WCRF board president Patty Koller. “We’re losing three board members at the end of the year —Ted [Drain], Ed [Raber], and Adam [Richards].”
The process to replace a board member is a long one, including filling out the application and having interviews with WCRF board members, Koller said. This is why it is important to have applications due at an earlier date so the WCRF board could take time with the selection process.
Board vice president Mike Driscoll said in the past the board had waited until the term had ended to begin the search for new directors, which caused terms to be extended.
If the board begins the search before the three terms are up and has a board member selected, his or her term would begin in January, Driscoll said.
“And it will keep the board—every year having the same number of people leave or enter so we don’t get a whole bunch leaving or coming at one time,” Driscoll said. “That’s why we want to start early versus wait until the end of the year.”
Another reason for beginning the search early is that in order to participate on the board, the DCI check has to be passed, Driscoll said.
Raber asked if the application deadline could be extended until after Labor Day. Everyone agreed that would be fine. The applications will be due on Sept. 8 and will be online after the July 16 meeting.
After the regular meeting ended, a work session was held. The items covered in the work session included: reviewing the history of WCRF and how it was formed; the open meetings law; and grant guidelines. No decisions were made during the work session.
The next WCRF meeting will be held Wednesday, July 16, at 6 p.m. at the casino.

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