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Road closings

Jul 03, 2014

Washington County:
• 190th from Hickory to Juniper for through traffic, indefinitely;
• Kiwi from Highway 22 to 110th;
• The intersections of Orange, Poplar, Nutmeg — also Nutmeg and Maple turning into 125th south of Kalona by Bunker Mill Bridge;
•  Nutmeg and 133rd east of Shiloh;
•  130th west of Highway 1, 130th east of Vine to the Iowa River Road, 130th west of Riverside Road for a mile, and 130th west of Wellman to Hickory;
• Highway 22 west of Kalona at the English River Bridge;
• Juniper Avenue to 2019 Highway 92;
• Riverside Road (W61) south of Riverside (city limits) at the    bridge and the VFW to 130th;
•  Dogwood south of the County Line at Bunker Hill Bridge;
•  Willow north of 130th in the Riverside area

Louisa County:
• X17 south of 105th Street;
• Cappy Russell;
• Shaffer’s Landing (gates closed, not locked)
• X Avenue east of G26;
• Elrick Junction area;
• 55th Street from F Avenue to Highway 99 (86th Avenue);
• 120th Street east of X61;
• 125th Street (cabin area);
•  Highway 92 east of Columbus Junction;
• Locust Street from Second to Fifth (Columbus Junction);
• Highway 61 north of Wapello;
• I Avenue from G56 to G62;
• Fifth Street from Walnut to Locust in Columbus Junction;
• O Avenue from 120th to 115th street;
• K Avenue from 112th to Highway 61;
• 105th Street from Highway 61 to I Avenue;
•  G40 at Highway 92;
• 115th Street from O Avenue to O Avenue (jog in the road);
•  Highway 99 at Oakville Bridge;
•  T Avenue from Highway 70 to 192nd Street

Johnson County:
• 140th Street west of Ely Road (at the ATV Park);
•Sandy Beach Road (at the beach)
•Chambers between Amana Road and Knapp Creek Way
• Chambers south of 140th;
• Black Diamond West of Blackhawk;
• Cosgrove Road at Old Man’s Creek
• Sand Road between 520th and Highway 22;
• River Junction Road;
• Y Avenue off of Tri-County Bridge;
• 560th between Sand Road and Sioux;
• Tri-County Bridge Road;
• Maier Avenue between 480th and Osage;
• 500th west of Oakcrest Hill Road;
• Oakcrest Hill Road at 500th Street;
• Oakcrest Hill Road between Observatory and 545th Street;
• Amana Road between Blain Cemetery and Greencastle;
• Also, Dubuque Street is closed both directions just south of the Interstate in Iowa City.

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