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School Board candidate survey - Dana McDole

Sep 07, 2017

These are Dana McDole’s answers, who is the incumbent in District 2. She is running for another

1) How long have you lived in the Washington Community School District?

About 18 years.

2) Have you worked for the school district, have a relative who worked there or children enrolled in the district?

I have three children in the district — my oldest graduated from WHS in 2015 and is currently serving in the Air Force; the younger children are enrolled in the district.

3) Why are you running for a position on the school board?

I want to be an active member and voice for our community, teachers, students, and parents to make our school district successful on an academic and character level. I want to look out for the best interest of our students and the educators that support them, without an agenda.

A key issue for school boards is to create a long-term vision, mapping a course that provides the necessary opportunities students need to reach their full potential. The board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a structure that supports this vision, empowers the staff, and provides leadership. I strongly believe that we have tremendous teachers and staff working with our children. We must continue to boost morale amongst all district employees, and support our students’ educational needs. I want to utilize my school board experience and passion for our children, staff and community to make a positive difference in supporting our district needs and academic goals.

4) What are some of the issues you’ve heard about across the state with education happening?

State funding for public education: There simply is not enough money being budgeted for education. Coupled with this issue is the lack of flexibility on how districts can spend state funding.

Education Savings Account Program- Allowing vouchers for private education or charter schools

Online education programs versus the traditional in-classroom, face-to-face interactions.

Funding for ELL programs across the state.

Sharing among districts to support education costs and continued funding for Preschool.

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