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School Board candidate survey - Heidi Vittetoe

Sep 07, 2017

These are District No. 5 incumbent Heidi Vittetoe’s responses.

1) How long have you lived in the Washington Community School District? Since I moved here in 1980, 37 years.

2) Have you worked for the school district, have a relative working there or children enrolled in the district? I have not worked there, my sister-in-law is Sue Rich who now works for Highland as their business manager, and my adult daughters are graduates of WCSD.

3) Why are you running for a position on the school board? I believe that it is very important to have good fiscal management to assure that we are a viable district in years to come. I think that my experience in our business (JWV Pork) has many transferrable skills that I can share with the district. As an example, and as an answer to the next question as well, agricultural markets are cyclical. This means that we have to plan well during better economic times to weather the downturns that inevitably come. The state is currently experiencing a downturn, in part due to low crop prices, which lead to less investment in new machinery, meaning less manufacturing revenues and lower tax collections. There is a lot of criticism of the state for not allocating more money to education. Yet the state spends two-thirds of its budget on just two things, education and Medicaid. While we might wish the state would continually put additional money toward education, it has to meet its other obligations as well. This means that we have to adapt, and plan, and look ahead at ways to make the best use of our revenues to assure that we offer the best educational opportunities to our students while implementing cost saving strategies.

4) What are some of the issues you’ve heard about across the state with education happening? See previous question

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