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School Board candidate survey - Jason Hamilton

Sep 08, 2017

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Editor’s note: The Journal sent a candidate survey to all of the school board candidates.

Responses from some of the candidates were published in Thursday’s Journal.

These are the responses from at-large candidate Jason Hamilton, who is running unopposed.


1) How long have you lived in the Washington Community SChool District? I have lived in the WCSD for 10 years.

2) Have you worked for the school district, have a relative working there or children enrolled in the district?

My wife, Dana Hamilton, is a kindergarten teacher at Stewart Elementary. I have four children: Eloise and Vivian, who will be attending the Washington school district in the near future, Korbyn and Braylon who reside in the Mt. Pleasant School District.

3) Why are you running for a position on the school board?

I have decided to run for school board for many reasons. One of my main reasons is I want to make a positive change in the Washington School District.

4) What are some of the issues you’ve heard about across the state with education happening?

There have been a few issues that have come to my attention over the years. I’ve noticed the current board tends to be one sided. A school board should not agree on everything, there needs to be diversity and communication on issues that come to the table. Being able to have different views while maintaining professional communication is one of the qualities I bring to the table.

The changes to Chapter 20 had a big impact on schools all across Iowa. Iowa City and Mt. Pleasant scrambled to do what they could to protect their students, community, and staff. Washington failed to do so, which caused Washington to lose a couple of good teachers. I feel keeping high quality staff in our community and attracting other quality staff will not only help our local economy but will brighten our children’s future.

We have a current superintendent who is the second highest paid superintendent in the state among superintendents that share duties with two districts or more. The state’s average, of superintendents who share districts, is $143,988.69. Our current superintendent is contracted at $188.600. This contract was approved by our current school board.

Lack of funding coming from the state will propose many challenges for us in the near future. Coming up with innovative ways to be fiscally responsible will be key. I hope to help achieve this through more communication with the district’s staff. However, just simply reacting to what is given to us is not our only option. We need to make our voices heard on the hill that this is not acceptable. Our future leaders, our children, and your children deserve that fight.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I’m an open book. I will stand up for what’s in the best interest of the students, community, and staff.

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