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School board discusses district goals

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 15, 2014

At the Washington school board meeting last Wednesday the board discussed what goals they would like for the 2014-15 school year and the goals they would like to have for the superintendent.
The goals included: increasing the effectiveness of committees by increasing involvement from parents; having student achievement goals, which would be different for each building; engaging communication with the community about the needs the school would have in the future regarding facilities; and surveying students about their level of engagement in school.
There were some questions about how the board would increase parental involvement on school committees. Board member Dana McDole asked how the public could volunteer for a committee if he or she didn’t know it existed.
Board member Patty Roe said McDole made a great point. Roe said there were a lot of committees the district had, but she wouldn’t know if her neighbor was on one of the committees. She asked if there was a list that could be published to let people know what’s out there.
Washington Community Superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen said some of the committees’ information, such as SIAC (school improvement advisory committee) was available on the district’s Web site under the district’s information. He also said the Web site had the ability to list the members of each committee. Jorgensen said he would write a column in August asking for more involvement from community members and parents on the committees.
Roe said one of the goals the school board should have is paying attention to student safety and well-being emotionally and physically. School board president Eric Turner said they would have to actively pursue that and not just have it as a statement on the goals. Jorgensen suggested the board make one of his goals gathering information from students about whether or not they feel safe at school and statistics on bullying cases in the district.
The other goals for Jorgensen would include: continuing to report student achievement results; communicating facility needs; gathering data about student involvement; and looking into other options at the middle school and high school level instead of parent teacher conferences.
The board will vote on the goals for themselves and the superintendents at the next school board meeting on Aug. 13, at Lincoln Elementary School.

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