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School board election results

Sep 13, 2017

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The unofficial school board election results are in and the Washington School Board will have two new members.

Catherine Glinsmann won Disctrict 2 with 376 votes, according to the unofficial results from the Washington County’ Auditor’s office. Incumbent Dana McDole received 329 votes.

Incumbent Heidi Vittetoe will remain on the board. She received 436 votes. Her challenger, Kelly Wieland, received 284 votes.

Jason Hamilton received 401 votes for the at-large seat. No one filed papers to run against Hamilton but Michael Liska did receive 170 votes.

The Kirkwood public measure passed with 461 votes; 177 people voted no.

Altogether there were 732 votes cast for the Washington School Board election, 422 in the Washington Precinct, 47 in the Brighton Precinct and 263 absentee ballots were cast.

The votes for the Washington School Board election were finished being tallied until about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday evening.

“It just took a while because they [the poll workers] had to hand-count the ballots,” Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer said. “They count so many at a time, reconcile those ballots, count some more and then look at the counts again.”

The turnout was a little higher in Washington due to the contested races also, he added.

The other school board results came in fairly quickly after the polls closed.

Gabrielle Frederick, Jim Hussey and Jodi Meader were elected to the Mid-Prairie School Board. Denise J. Chittick was elected to fill a vacancy.

In the Kalona Precinct 116 people voted, 38 people voted in the Wellman District, 13 in the West Chester Precinct and one absentee ballot was cast totaling 168 votes.

For the director to fill vacancy position, Chittick received 64 votes in Kalona, 19 in Wellman, five in West Chester and one absentee ballot. Emily Uhl received 47 votes in Kalona, 15 in Wellman and 7 votes in West Chester.

The Kirkwood Public Measure passed in the Mid-Prairie Community School District with 100 votes. Fifty-five voters cast no votes.

In the Highland Community School District, there were three positions open for re-election on the school board.

In the Highland Community School District, 35 votes were cast in the Ainsworth Precinct, 91 in Riverside and 11 absentee totaling 137 votes.

In District No. 1 Rachel Longbine received 119 votes to remain on the board — 32 from the Ainsworth Precinct, 76 in the Riverside Precinct and 11 absentee ballots.

For District No. 3, Kevin Engel received 46 write-in votes to re-elect him to the board even though he didn’t file papers for re-election. Nine votes were in the Ainsworth Precinct, 32 in Riverside and 5 absentee ballots.

In District No. 5, Megan Allen was elected with 95 votes.

Twenty-eight were from Ainsworth, 59 in Riverside and 8 absentee ballots. Jarold Schaack was written in for that district.

He received three votes in Ainsworth, 27 in Riverside and three absentee ballots.

The Kirkwood Public Measure passed in the Highland Community School District with 82 votes approving it.

Thirty-six votes were no.

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