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Schools being cleaned for fall

By David Hotle | Jul 15, 2013
Furniture lines the hallways at Washington High School today as maintenance workers clean the classrooms for the return to school in the fall.

While most of the administration, faculty and staff have long since left school to enjoy summer break, many maintenance workers are busy giving the buildings in the Washington district a good cleaning to get them ready for the fall.
In most of the buildings assorted desks and other furniture line the hallways as workers put a layer of new wax on the classroom floors. Some of the walls are being painted. Washington Schools Superintendent Mike Jorgensen said that the floors are getting a lot of attention that the district hadn’t been able to give them last summer.
“With all the moving and everything, last summer we didn’t get a real good clean in the rooms and a real good floor wax,” he said. “This year that is happening.”
Last year, the school district was moving into the newly completed Washington High School while the junior high was moving into the district’s 1918 building.
Jorgensen said that there are always things that need fixing in the school buildings, such as the drinking fountains. He said that carpeting is being replaced with tiling in a couple of classrooms at Stewart Elementary and one room at the Washington Middle School.   
The band portable at the middle school is also seeing some improvements, Jorgensen said. He said the plywood walls are being replaced and some roof repair is being done.
The improvements are the kinds of things that are done during a “typical” summer, Jorgensen said. He said that last summer was not the typical summer, so the district is catching up.
A tuck-pointing and window-caulking project is being done at Lincoln Elementary, Jorgensen said. He also said that the district will be doing a similar project at a different school every year from now on. This is part of the district’s five-year maintenance plan.
“Our custodian staff has a 12-month contract so they are working throughout the summer,” Jorgensen said. “The principals are off for pretty much the month of July. Central Office remains open year round.”
Jorgensen also said a mini-grant is being used to upgrade some of the locks at Steward this summer.

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