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Screen time before bed varies by person

Apr 01, 2013

HOUSTON, Texas — It's the advice that everyone knows, but wants to ignore – to get a good night's sleep, no screen time before bed. A sleep expert at Baylor College of Medicine breaks it down and says that screen time actually varies by person and by the type of screen.

"Browsing the Internet on a bright screen is not good for healthy sleep practices, and is worse than something like an eReader before bed," said Dr. Philip Alapat, assistant professor of medicine and medical director of the Baylor Sleep Center.

For good quality sleep, Alapat says you should have a scheduled bedtime and should strive for seven to eight hours. Alapat says that within a routine, reading is fine before bedtime, even on an eReader. However, if you're having difficulty falling asleep, reading in bed is counterproductive. He also says that any behavior that activates your brain – anything that will keep you engrossed – is not conducive to maintaining nightly sleep.

The bottom line is that different routines work well for different people, so adjust nighttime screen time to fit what works best for you.


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