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Senior dining program with Lone Tree ends

By Xiomara Levsen | Feb 18, 2014
Councilors Nate Kasdorf, Bob Schneider Jr., Tom Sexton, and Mayor Bill Poch discuss the senior dining program in Riverside at Monday’s city council meeting.

RIVERSIDE—The city council voted to end their agreement with Lone Tree and the senior dining program during the regular meeting Monday.
The city joined forces with Lone Tree’s senior dining program after funding from Heritage for the program. According to City Administrator Rusty Rogerson, the way the program runs now, the city is losing on average $1,873.17 a month. If the city were to continue the program for the 2014-15 fiscal year the projected cost would be $23,000.
Rogerson recommended the council give Lone Tree 30 days notice, which would end the senior dining program March 28.
“We’ve looked at all of the possibilities,” said councilor Ralph Schnoebelen.
Schnoebelen said the cost of paying the mileage and the salary from the delivery driver adds up to about $350 a month and isn’t viable. He said there are other options in town, such as asking the local restaurants to prepare the meals.
Councilor Nate Kasdorf made the motion to give the notice to senior dining that the city will end the program March 28. He said the program should be ended because of the numbers, and another option should be looked into.
“I made this motion because we’ve looked at the numbers, and looked at the numbers and we just can’t do this,” Kasdorf said. “We’re just going backwards. We can’t afford it.”

Councilor Bob Schneider Jr. agreed with Kasdorf that theysenior dining program was too expensive but would still like to see other options pursued when it came to the city’s budget and offering meals to seniors.
City clerk Lory Young said both she and Rogerson were already looking into the possibility of having potlucks and may ask for $500 a month.
Mayor Bill Poch asked if the city could do any more to get input from the people who regularly attend senior dining.
“We’ve already done that Bill,” Schneider said. “We tried to get the input.”
Poch asked if anything physically was sent out to residents.

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