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Showers defeats Brock

By Xiomara Levsen | Jun 04, 2014

The unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election have been released.
Registered Republican voters in Washington County chose Shawn R. Showers as their Republican candidate to represent them on the ballot in the November general election against Democrat Barb Edmondson for the Washington County Attorney position.
Showers received 1,181 votes and incumbent Washington County Attorney Larry Brock received 412 votes.
Brock arrived at the courthouse before Showers to watch the results from the 11 precincts as they came in. When the final precinct reported in, Brock walked over to Showers, shook his hand, told him “congratulations,” and then left.
After that brief interaction with Brock, Showers received congratulations from several of the other people in the courthouse.
“I’m pleased with the results and the hard work and effort this campaign has put in,” Showers said. “Now we can focus on the general election in November.”
The Journal contacted Brock for comment about the election results from last night, but Brock did not return the call by press time.
Edmondson ran unopposed and received 326 votes on the Democratic ballot.
In the Board of Supervisors District 3 Republican vote, Abe Miller defeated Scott E. Davis. Miller received 192 votes, and Davis received 175.
“I felt pretty honored,” Miller said. “It was a close race and I appreciate everybody’s support in the race.”
Davis said he is disappointed by the results.
“I thought I really could win, but I didn’t,” Davis said. “I was really surprised at how close the votes were.”
He wished more people in his district would have voted but said for people in Crawfordsville, driving over to Brighton to vote is too far. He thinks if the polling location were in a central location between Brighton Township, Crawfordsville Township, and the Marion Township more people would vote.
On the Democratic side of the ballot for District 3, Keith Cutkomp defeated Ceanne Alvine by four votes. Cutkomp received 40 votes and Alvine received 36 votes.
When Alvine was asked if she was surprised about the results she said no.
“I think what accounted for the race being so close is not a lot of people voted and there was a lot of focus on the other race between Miller and Davis,” Alvine said.
There is still a chance the results will change because the official election results won’t be declared until Tuesday, June 10, when the Washington County supervisors canvasses the votes. Alvine said she would wait and see what happens, and knows the Washington County Auditor’s office will do a good job at tallying the votes.  
The Journal tried to contact Cutkomp and as of press time had not heard back from him.
In the other race for Washington County Supervisor in District 5, Richard Young was running unopposed. He received 363 votes.
In the State Senator race for District 39, Michael Moore defeated Bob Anderson and Royce Phillips in Washington County for the Republican Party nomination. Moore received 829 votes, Phillips received 179 votes, and Bob Anderson received 317 votes.
The Secretary of State’s Web site lists Moore as the unofficial winner of the bid for District 39 as the Republican Party nominee with 1,444 votes, with all 44 of the precincts reporting. Moore received 49 percent of the total votes for the nomination.
“I was very honored,” Moore said. “I was quite surprised [by the results].”
Moore was at the Washington County Courthouse Tuesday evening watching the results being tallied. He was also looking at the results reported by the Johnson County Auditor’s Web site.  
“I was scared when I saw the results in Johnson County,” Moore said. “Bob [Anderson] won pretty handily—by almost 300 votes. I was scared to death, but when the results came in for Washington County and we got even I felt pretty confident.”
Moore said he is very thankful for the support of Washington County voters in the primary election, especially since he grew up here.
“I just get a warm feeling inside that the local community supported me,” he said.
In the Democratic Party nomination race for the State Senator, race Kevin Kinney defeated Richard Gilmore in Washington County. Kinney received 191 votes and Gilmore received 144 votes.
The Secretary of State’s Web site lists Kinney as the unofficial winner of the 44 precincts with 1,160 votes, which is 76.5 percent of the votes.
The Journal left a message for Gilmore’s response, and as of press time he had not returned the call.
Jarad Klein ran unopposed for the Iowa House District 78 Republican Representative nomination. He received 1,206 votes.
Dave Heaton defeated Ralph Holmstrom for the Republican Party nomination in Washington County for the District 84 as a State Representative. Heaton received 172 votes and Holstrom received 69 votes.
In uncontested races, County Recorder Jo Ellen Greiner received 246 votes and County Treasurer Jeffrey A. Garrett received 246 votes.
According to Sue Meeks in the Washington County Auditor’s office 2,097 people voted in the primary election. The turnout for the election was 14.29 percent overall.

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