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Signs loved ones may need assistance in their home

By Submitted by Susan Wellington, Lending Hands Adult Day Services and In-Home Health | Jul 31, 2013

It’s important to recognize and monitor signs of needed assistance in the home of a loved one earlier rather than later. Waiting too long may risk physical injury or the need of long-term care in a facility.

Below is a list of signs to look for in order to help determine if home care would be helpful or needed for your loved one:

• The house is unkept. Are there sticky counters, unemptied garbage, stained carpets or spoiled food?

• Difficulty managing their medications. Expired medicine bottles, unfilled prescriptions or abnormally high pharmacy cost. Forgetting to take their medication, but even more dangerous is forgetting that they have already taken it.

• Personal appearance and hygiene are lacking. Everyday tasks of personal care can become tedious and difficult. Wearing the same clothes repeatedly is also a sign that changing and doing laundry is a challenge.

• Trouble getting around. Trouble walking up or down stairs, rising from chairs and entering/exiting vehicles with difficulty.

• No longer able to drive – safely. Do you hesitate to let your loved one drive? Are their unexplained dents, scratches on the car? A vision impairment and diminished motor capabilities contribute to these signs and may need to consider a “driver” for grocery shopping or doctor appointments.

If you recognize one or more of these signs, your loved one may benefit from home care assistance. Contact a home care agency in your community for assistance in assessing their needs.

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