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Signs of spring

Mar 04, 2014

Even though temperatures haven’t gotten above freezing for a while plants and trees are beginning to grow buds, like this one found in Sunset Park in Washington today.

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Mar 13, 2014 02:27

On the third floor of the Noyce Science Center at Grinnell College, an agave plant is about to bloom. Over the past several months it has grown over two meters, typically done before the plant actually flowers—an event that occurs just once every seven to 14 years. This agave now reaches the very top of the greenhouse’s glass ceiling.

The agave plant is just one of many residents of Grinnell’s greenhouse. And since its inception in 2007, the facility has also hosted students and faculty, as they engage in research, discovery and much more.

Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Mar 06, 2014 03:23

To celebrate the coming of spring Romanian/Bulgarian style, Nediyana Daskalova, Corina Varlan, and Iulia Iordache, students at Grinnell College passed out red and white bracelets to students in the Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center.

The red strand signifies passion, says Iordache, who’s from Romania, and the white signifies purity. Together they “give birth to life again,” Iordache says. This is the third year students from Bulgaria and Romania have distributed the bracelets—called martenitsi in Bulgaria and mărţişoare in Romania.

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