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Snow removal continues

Johnson reminds residents of city requirements
By David Hotle | Dec 26, 2013
A stack of violation warnings located at Washington City Hall will be distributed if people do not have sidewalk snow removed within 24 hours of the snowfall ending.

With 5 inches of snow over the last week and city crews working to keep up with the continuing snowfall, Washington Mayor Sandra Johnson asks residents to do their part to help the snow removal go as smoothly as possible.
According to city code, residents are required to move their vehicles out of an area to be plowed. Johnson said that if vehicles are plowed in, the city can cite the vehicle if it is not moved within 24 hours. In some cases, the vehicle can be towed, with the cost assessed to the owner.
“We don’t want to plow in people in residential areas or the business district, but if you don’t move your vehicle, the snow plow has no other place to put the snow,” she said. ‘They are just going to go around your car and you will be plowed in.”
She also said that sidewalk snow needed to be removed within 24 hours of the snowfall ending. Johnson said that the city would put out warnings to homeowners who have not arranged for the snow to be removed. Especially, she said, workers monitor areas around schools to ensure snow removal has been done. A more concentrated effort will be made when the schools reopen for the students, Johnson said.
Since the snowfall over the last few weeks, Johnson said that she is concerned about some of the businesses in the downtown area because of the heavy foot traffic. She said that the businesses would be sent notices to remove the snow.
“We don’t go out and patrol,” Johnson said. “Consumers contact us if they have gone out and find an unsafe sidewalk. Public safety is what it is about, not so much our inconvenience.”
Johnson said that she is aware that there are some apartment buildings that have few options where the tenants can move their vehicles. She asks the tenants to do the best they can to help the city.

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