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Storm causes damage

Power losses reported after winds hit area
By Xiomara Levsen | May 31, 2013
Ainsworth resident Joel Gray secures a tree this morning that had fallen on his house Thursday afternoon. He said that there had been some damage to the gutters, but he didn't believe there was any structural damage to the house. The house is located on Railroad Street in Ainsworth.

On Thursday afternoon the National Weather Service (NWS) of the Quad Cities issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Washington County from 3:30 until 4:45 p.m.
After the storm, the Washington Communications Center logged two reports of storm damage.
At 4:40 a caller reported power lines were down over the roadway in Kalona  at 2685 470th St. S.W. Kalona Fire Department responded to the call and assisted.
At 5:36 p.m. another caller called them and reported a tree had knocked a power line down onto the roadway at 612 Lincoln in Ainsworth. Alliant Energy and the Ainsworth Fire Department responded to the call.
Kim Stout lives at 612 Lincoln Street in Ainsworth. She was at work when the storm hit.
“I told my daughter to come home and check the sump pump,” Stout said. “My biggest fear is water in the basement because we had a basement wall collapse in 2007.”
Stout said her daughter had come home and was getting ready to take a shower when she heard a loud crack and then the tree fell.
“The tree went into the living room,” she said. “There is a 5-foot square in the roof that will have to be repaired and a couple of other small little holes in the roof.”
The tree didn’t just damage her roof but tore gutters off of her house, brought the power line down that ran from the pole to her house, and broke the power conduit on her house.
“We still don’t have power right now,” Stout said. “We’re waiting on Alliant to come over and turn it back on.”
She isn’t sure how much the damage is. She is waiting for an insurance adjuster to come out and do an estimate.
Local city officials have received little or no damage reports.
“We’ve been pretty fortunate,” said Brighton city clerk Chris Davies. “Last night half the town lost power for about an hour and 15 minutes.”
There were some trees that were knocked over because of the storm Thursday, Davies said. One of the trees that fell was right across from city hall.
Washington city administrator Brent Hinson said he hasn’t received many storm damage reports.
“I’ve had nothing major reported if little at all,” he said.

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