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Stout family holds reunion

Jul 18, 2013

On Sunday, July 7, 2013, the 78th Stout Family Reunion was held at the 4-H building in Washington. Forty-six descendants of Mary Alice Nichols and Lafayette Stout were present.

Rob Stout gave prayer before the delicious potluck dinner. Since neither the president nor the vice president was in attendance, secretary Margaret Crawford conducted the business meeting. She read the minutes of the last reunion. They were approved as read. Rob Stout gave the treasurer’s report. A cap was passed around for donations for the next reunion.

It was reported that the oldest person in attendance was Elsie McNeil, who is 91. The youngest was Shalyn Kirk, 11. The person coming the farthest was Carissa Stout from Berlin, Germany.

Mary Alice Nichols and Lafayette Stout had six children, Ed, Amos, Ben, Lafayette Jr., Anna, and Taylor. Janene Kirk reported on the breakdown of those present by family lines: Taylor and Ed had no descendants present; Amos had one descendant; Anna had nine descendants; Ben had 13 descendants; and the winning line was Lafayette, with 23 descendants.

Election of officers was held with the following results: president, Rob Stout; vice president, Vic Klopfenstein; secretary, Louise Frakes; treasurer, Rob Stout; historian, Ed Stout; and registration, Janene Kirk.

Ed Stout reported there were two new additions to the McCreedy family. Elsie McNiel reported she had a new great-grandson. Vic Klopfenstein told of his brother Jay of California, who knew one of the Hotspot Firefighters killed in the Arizona fire. It was noted that all needed to be remembered in prayers.

For the program, Rob and Jean Stout gave a presentation on their family trip to Stout Island in Wisconsin. They stayed from Sunday through Wednesday. Frank Stout built a lodge on this island. He sold lots of lumber and made a very profitable living. The family had to take a boat to the island. It was a very pretty place, with lots of activities for the family. Frank Stout no longer owns the lodge, which is located about five hours from Washington.

Carissa Stout teaches in the JFK School in Germany. The school celebrated the 50th anniversary of JFK’s speech given in Berlin in 1963. President Obama spoke at the school. Carissa played the piano at one of the receptions on June 26. Carol Klopfenstein told of an article in the July issue of the Iowa History magazine. It was about George Stout, who had saved a lot of art objects from World War II, and who would have been fourth in the line of descendants. A movie is coming out called “Monument Men,” starring George Clooney.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting.

Present were: Rob Stout of Keota; Diana Gruver of Waterloo; Margaret Stout of Waverly; Phil and Dawn Stout of Ainsworth; Delores Hansen and Ethan of Washington; Emily Stout of Clarinda; Dana Zimmerman of Mount Pleasant; Amanda Stout of Iowa City; Carl Scott of Mount Pleasant; Rob and Jean Stout of Washington; Brian Stout of Ames; Janene and Shalyn Kirk of Ainsworth; Kathy and Tara Phillips and friend Grace of Overland Park, Kan.; Bill and Dorothy Stout of Ainsworth; Carissa Stout of Germany; Ed Stout of Overland Park, Kan.; Alex Zimmerman of Washington; Elsie McNeil of Muscatine; Richard Stout of Washington; Bob and Carol Ross of Green River, Wyo.; Larry and Kathy Gugel of Wayland; Margaret Crawford of Keota; Jim, Karen and Grace Unruh of Clay Center, Kan.; Bryce and Brant Stout of Washington; Roger Stout of Washington; Brenda and Danny Fanseca of Overland Park, Kan.; Dale and Joanne Harkin of Overland Park, Kan; Brad Harkin of Kansas City, Kan.; Bill and Carol Klopfenstein of Winfield; Vic and Pat Klopfenstein of Marion; and Sylvia Blaesing and Buddy of Muscatine.

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