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Successful boys basketball camp held

By Bill Gatchel | Jul 24, 2017
Photo by: Bill Gatchel Approximately 35 boys going into grades 4-8 attended a basketball camp held at the Washington High School last week, July 17-21, to learn many fundamentals of the sport.

The gym at the Washington High School was a flurry of activity last week as approximately 35 boys entering grades four to 8 took part in a basketball camp.

High school coach Collin Stark says the purpose of the camp is about the future.

“These are the kids that hopefully they will get a passion for the game as they work their way up. Hopefully helps them work on their game by giving them workouts they can do by themselves and trying to bring in a classroom part.

“Kids don’t really want to be in a classroom during the summertime, but it teaches them things like focus and seeking improvement.

“The kids did a great job of taking notes and hopefully they talk about that with their parents and they get those aspects into their lives, whether it’s on the basketball court or life in general.”

One part of the camp also included specific drills.

“We started the day with a decathlon where with 10 different and fun ways of keeping track of how many times they did different drills,” Stark says. “We also focused on shooting while staying in the paint.

“We focused on the foundation of their shot and kids tends like to shoot 3s all the time, but hopefully this is getting them a way to practice a foundation of their shot. We also did a lot of 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and even 5-on-5 games.”

The main part of building the foundation now is to hope the kids will continue to play the sport as they get older.

“Many of these kids were here last year so I try to give them new things as well, such as the decathlon. I show them that even some of the best shooters in the world are doing the same drills they are.

“Hopefully everything we do here is something they can take home and do in their driveway or in their club throughout the year.”

At the end of each day, Stark notices how well each one at the camp is learning.

“They are all just a big ball of energy,” he says. “This allows them to get rid of that energy. It looks like they are really enjoying it. Any type of competition they love doing. It’s fun to watch their growth just from one day to the next. It’s a huge difference. By the end of the week, by just continuing to practice, they improve and it all adds up in the end.”

Even though the attendance is about 35, Stark is pleased with the number.

“Even if there was only 15, I’d be enjoying this as well. Thirty-five is a great number and hopefully it continues to grow in the future.”

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