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Supervisors adopt flood plain resolution

By Linda Wenger | Nov 05, 2012

 The day before the General Election, which will determine which three candidates will win seats on the Washington County Board of Supervisors, was a quiet one for the current board of supervisors. The supervisors spent 30 minutes taking care of agenda items, Monday morning in a room full of candidates.

            Planning and Zoning Administrator Steve Lafaurie brought a resolution concerning the intent to require recognition and evaluation of flood hazards in official actions related to land use.

            “It basically states that the county is going to officially manage its flood plain ordinance and put in place language related to that,” Lafaurie said.

            Lafaurie said there are 48,000 acres in the county that are in the flood plain. He said he has identified 700 parcels that touch the flood plain. He said he found about 98 family structures and about 200 other structures. He told the supervisors he will send a letter and information about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

            “I think it will give them approximately two months to make application and get the appropriate insurance, if they choose to,” Lafaurie said. “They’re not forced to.”

            He added that mortgages that are federally backed or federally insured likely require homeowners to purchase flood insurance. He said they will have about two months before the flood plain map goes into effect in mid-January 2013, at a “preferable rate.”

            Supervisor Ron Bennett asked, “So if somebody came to you and was wanting to build a new house or whatever and they’re in this flood plain and you would point that out to them that they are in a flood plain.”

            “Correct,” Lafaurie said.

            Lafaurie said that the county’s flood plain ordinance goes into effect Nov. 8 when it is published in the county’s official publications, including The Journal.

            The supervisors adopted the resolution unanimously and they approved a revised Planning and Zoning schedule of fees. A flood plain development permit will cost $100. One other change was also approved, which is a $50 fee for a legal non-comforming use permit.

            In other business, Sam Bergus and Mike Gumm of Shive-Hattery, were present to recommend change orders totaling $4,367 for the HACAP Orchard Hill rehabilitation project.

            Supervisor Wes Rich said the rehabilitation project is on schedule and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

            In his remarks following adjournment, Supervisor Jim Miksch read a portion of a recommendation written by Barbara Edmondson, the former county attorney, from 2005. The statement indicated that she recommended the board of supervisors sign an agreement with the Regional Utility Service Systems. He brought this up because some people have claimed she didn’t recommend signing the agreement.

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