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Supervisors discuss West Main property

Oct 11, 2017
County Auditor Dan Widmer asked the supervisors to formally approve demolishing the building located at 302 West Main Street.

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


At the supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer asked the supervisors to formally approve demolishing the building located at 302 West Main Street.

However, before the building can be demolished absestos has to be abated from the property. Widmer received a quote from a company in Cedar Rapids for the asbestos abatement in the amount of $8,970.

Widmer didn’t receive a formal estimate from the company to demolish the buidling, he said. They gave him a ballpark figure over the phone without viewing the property. Widmer has reached out to companies in the area for bids on demolishing the building.

“So that’s kind of where it’s at,” Widmer said. “I’ve been told probably the thing to do is get it knocked down this fall and let it sit over the winter.”

Next spring the county could move forward with making that spot into a parking lot, he added.

“Has anybody expressed any interest in that building whatsoever?” supervisor Bob Yoder asked Widmer.

“As far as the building itself?” Widmer asked Yoder. “You mean to pick it up and move it away?”

“That or parts of the building,” Yoder replied.

One individual expressed interest in going in and salvaging pieces from the building, Widmer said.

“We would have to put a very strict time limit on that,” board chairman Richard Young said, “because it would be three, four, six months and he would still be going into that building, from his past history.”

Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. suggested the county charge this person a fee for going in and salvaging items from the building. The other supervisors agreed with that thought.

The county would have to do other things to the property before it became a parking lot, Widmer said.

“I think we would need some sort of fence along the west side of it because there is a day care next door,” Widmer said. “We need to keep kids where they belong and not on a parking lot.”

Points of entry into the parking lot would also need to be decided, he added.

“Since this is up for discussion, I would say if the guy wants to salvage stuff out of there, that we would tell him he could pay us $8,970,” Seward said, “which would be the cost of the asbestos abatement — for the privledge of salvaging that stuff, adding he’d have to have the work done in 30 days because that’s when it’s going to be demolished.”

This would allow the county to recoup the money spent to abate that building, Seward added.

Young agreed with what Seward said.

Seward made the motion to direct the auditor to make the most cost-effective arrangements to demolish that building before Dec. 1.

“I agree with that,” Widmer said. “I just want to make sure everybody’s on the same page as far as demolishing that building.”

The motion was approved unanimously.

The supervisors also approved a proclomation regarding Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a personnel change request for Public Health, heard the quarterly reports from the recorder’s office, the Outreach office and the Emergency Management Coordinator.


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